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About Us

(1) The Website

CareersPortal.ie is Ireland’s National Career Guidance website, providing the most up-to-date and relevant career information and resources to those needing or providing career guidance.

The site was officially launched by the Minister for Education and Science in April 2008. It was relaunched by the Minister for Education and Skills Ruairí Quinn TD in 2014, in celebration of its new look and mobile compatibility. 

CareersPortal.ie was developed as a direct response to a report generated by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) in 2007, which recommended that: “The Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment and the Department of Education & Science should explore the feasibility of developing a central Irish careers portal or coordinated gateway site. This would contain information on careers, courses and the labour market, organisational/company profiles, a range of assessment tools and testimonials, a guidance helpline and appropriate linkages to related sites" (EGFSN, 2007, p. 130). 

The site has become an integral tool for guidance professionals throughout the country. It is supported by both public and private organisations, towards the dissemination of the most update information about careers and courses across all sectors of the economy.

CareersPortal.ie has grown hugely, both in content, and in its user base since its launch in 2008 and is now receiving over 3 million page impressions a month.

About Us ... in others' words

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The site provides up-to-date and relevant careers information and guidance materials to:

  • 2nd Level School Students
  • Early School Leavers
  • College Students and Graduates
  • Adult Learners
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Guidance Professionals 
  • Teachers and Tutors in Education
  • Jobseeker support services
  • Information Providers

Comprehensive up to date information is provided FREE on the following areas specifically targeted at these communities: 

  • Career File - Users of CareersPortal.ie are encouraged to create a personal Career File to assist in planning and managing their Career Development. Users 'sign up' (on the top left on the homepage) to create their file and are provided with:

    • Self-Assessment Tools - enabling a user to find out how their interests, personality, skills etc. can tie-in with various different courses and careers.  A free 8 page Career Report, which includes job and course matching, can be generated and printed.
    • Course and Career tagging – users can create shortlists of courses and occupations which are stored for further exploration.
    • Career ‘NotePad’ – an online notepad can be used to store up to twenty word documents. Useful information for career research or planning a job search can be saved e.g. cover letters, CVs and contacts information.

  • Employment Sectors - 33 career sectors are reviewed and analysed, highlighting the skills shortages in the individual sector, the occupation types employed, associated educational courses and sector news. It is even possible to search for live job vacancies on in each sector on a daily basis. All this information is supported by engaging video material where available.
  • Occupational Database – almost a 1000 occupations across all career sectors are profiled; information is provided on typical tasks and activities undertaken in the position, skills required, salary information, various entry routes and the educational qualifications and pathways are outlined. Users can search directly for jobs in these occupations. Video profiles of individuals working in a wide range of occupations and sectors are available.
  • Employer Profiles are presented within the various career sectors; their employment policies and procedures are outlined, how they recruit for their organisation is explained and what they look for in new employees revealed.
  • Jobholder Interviews – hundreds of people employed in Ireland are interviewed about the choices they have made in their careers, the education they have received, their current job, what it involves and their advice to others interested in this area.  CareersPortal.ie also links to another 1000+ career interviews across the internet.
  • Education and Training opportunities are outlined along with details on where to find courses that match a user’s interests and career aspirations. A searchable database of Further Education and PLC (Post Leaving Cert) courses and Higher Education and CAO courses is available with links to detailed course information on individual college websites.
  • Progression Routes – detailed information on available QQI progression routes from Further Education and Training courses to Higher Education and CAO courses along with a Plc Points Calculator to assist in determining eligibility for individual courses.

  • Apprenticeships - a section is available dedicated to both craft and professional apprenticeships with full details on what is involved in each apprenticeship and where to go for further information and application details
  • Labour Market Statistics - The most up to date Labour Market Information is provided and integrated across all sectors and occupations, clearly indicating where the jobs in demand are now or are likely to be in the future.
  • Jobs/Current Vacancies – within the occupational database we link to current job vacancies across 5 popular jobsites. We also carry daily news stories on any new job announcement and provide links directly to those vacancies where available.
  • Parents and Guardians - we have produced a comprehensive section for parents and guardians to support their students in making informed career and college decisions including a section which answers all the most commonly asked questions.
  • Guidance Professionals –comprehensive support resources and lesson plans are provided in the guidance section of the site which are entirely free for the guidance community to use. 
  • Teaching Resources for Career Guidance Professionals include a range of worksheets designed for use in the classroom / consultation room and with our senior cycle guidance programme (The REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme)
  • Subject Choice - a comprehensive section is available on the site on choosing subjects both at Junior and Senior Cycle. We have created a number of subject specific videos which highlights the subject details and how each subject links to different careers. We also bring together information from the NCCA, SEC, and other useful resources.
  • WorkXperience – a free service that allows employers throughout Ireland to advertise work placements to Transition Year, LCVP, LCA, Leaving Cert and FET students. It includes a range of resources for Students, Teachers, Parents, and Employers. 
  • National Career Skills Competition - We also run the National Careers Skills Competition where students at both 2nd level and those undertaking Level 4 & 5 FET courses complete a career investigation which is linked to their work experience placement.

(2) Careers Guidance Service 

CareersPortal Career Guidance Service

What is Guidance?

Guidance facilitates people throughout their lives to manage their own educational, training, occupational, personal, social and life choices so that they reach their full potential and contribute to the development of a better society.” (National Guidance Forum Report 2007)

CareersPortal provides a professional guidance counselling service for students and adults who would like support in making career, educational and/or employment decisions.

This service is of particular benefit to career changers, jobseekers, students and those looking to explore their career and education options.

To book an appointment contact Bernadette Walsh at bwalsh@careersportal.ie or phone: 01-209 0797. All guidance counsellors are fully qualified professionals and current members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors.

Note: This is a fee paying appointment service. We cannot provide individual guidance advice by telephone.

(3) REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme

REACH+ is a comprehensive career and college preparation programme, spanning TY through to 6th year. It uses classroom based learning using student workbooks, as well as web based learning on the REACH+ section of the CareersPortal website. Optimal use of the programme is realised when both workbooks and online tools are used.

The programme is activity based – learning by doing. It encourages class interaction, co-operative learning and reflective thinking. It has been designed to be engaging – using questionnaires, inventories, action plans, assignments and supporting videos.

The programme is made up of over 50 topics spanning the requirements of most school guidance programmes. Many topics have corresponding lesson plans, drawn up by Guidance Counsellors, to assist in delivering the key learning outcomes.

REACH+ additionally supports the teaching of TY, LCA, LCVP and ICT programmes in schools. Students are encouraged to record their progress throughout the programme, and information stored online is accessible to Guidance Counsellors through their own private ‘Administration’ area. From within this area, a students’ progress over a range of topics can be easily monitored and tracked. Reports can be viewed or printed as required.

Participation in the programme involves the purchase of workbooks by students. Students require just one workbook to cover senior cycle (2 - 3 years depending on whether they take TY). The online administration is only available to schools participating in the programme, and is free.

The programme is now in its 4th year of operation and has over 400 participating schools.

About REACH+ ... in others' words

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REACH+ Training

The REACH+ Career and College Preparation Programme is currently based in over half of second level schools nationwide. Setting up the programme in the school and the provision of training and support is provided completely free of charge to Guidance Counsellors (students purchase the programme)

We are now accepting REACH+ orders for the new academic year. If you would like training on the programme, please e-mail your school and contact details to bwalsh@careerportal.ie and we will organise dates and venues.

(4) MyFuture+ A New Career Development Tool for Adults

MyFuture+ is a newly developed career learning tool designed to support Adults with their career planning, decisions and development. The on-line suite of resources aims to assist individuals to explore themselves in relation to career, education and employment opportunities. 

For more information, contact Bernadette Walsh on 01-4402314 or e-mail bwalsh@careersportal.ie 

(5) CareersPortal Training

The CareersPortal team provides practical training on the best use of the resources. This training is intended as a support to all guidance professionals, tutors and trainers so that they are best equipped to support their learners, jobseekers and clients.

Workshops for Teachers in Colleges of Further Education are also available with a particular emphasis on relevant materials in Career Planning and Preparation and Work Experience programme delivery.

(1) CareersPortal Training includes:

  • A full overview of CareersPortal website from a jobseeker, adult learner, guidance perspective and QQI Tutor is provided
  • Groups of up to 18 people is recommended
  • Computer access is useful as these sessions are both interactive and presentation based
  • A resource pack is provided to all participants

For more information, contact Bernadette Walsh, Education & Guidance Liaison Manager, CareersPortal. Phone: 01-2090797 or e-mail: bwalsh@careersportal.ie

(2) CV Preparation Workshops for Services supporting Jobseekers

CareersPortal provide continuous professional development training for organisations that support jobseekers into employment. This training is particularly useful for Guidance Counsellors, Jobclub staff, Case Officers and Employment Engagement Officers in DSP and Local Employment Services and includes:

  • Practical Tips on how to get the most from the site in terms of tuning into employer needs, career development, career change, searching for jobs 
  • Understanding what Employers want and expect from applications/CVs, screening, interviews etc.
  • Best practice guidelines in relation to HR and Recruitment practices
  • Different types of professional CV formats suited to jobseekers based on their level of experience and education
  • Organisational Profiles: organisations are profiled in terms of their business, location, occupations and employment opportunities, recruitment procedures

For more information, contact Bernadette Walsh, Education & Guidance Liaison Manager, CareersPortal. Phone: 01-2090797 or e-mail: bwalsh@careersportal.ie

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