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The Social person's interests focus on interacting with the people in their environment. In all cases, the Social person enjoys the personal contact with other people in preference to the impersonal dealings with things, data and ideas found in other groups.

Many will seek out positions where there is direct contact with the public in some advisory role, whether a receptionist or a counsellor. Social people are motivated by an interest in different types of people and like diversity in their work environments. Many are drawn towards careers in the caring professions and social welfare area, whilst others prefer teaching and other 'informing' roles.



Name: Ruairi Coyle

Address: Galway

Current position: Galway Golf Club


• Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture


I began my studies at the National Botanic Gardens in October 2014. I wanted to gain more knowledge about greenkeeping and horticulture, I learned a lot about plant identification and plant science. My main interest was greenkeeping and sports turf management. This course was the perfect opportunity to start my dream career.


In March 2015 I began an internship at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton Long Island. I was trained on all aspects of golf course maintenance and equipment operation. As part of the Internship I volunteered at the 2015 US Amateur Golf championships in Chicago held at the Olympia Fields Country Club. The second part of my Internship was in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. I was part of the maintenance team on Heron Point Golf Course. In April 2016 I volunteered at Harbour Town Golf Links. This was great experience and I really enjoyed working with the maintenance team and watching the tournament. 


I believe my decision to go to the National Botanic Gardens was the best decision I could have made. I had a great experience in America and I learned a lot about what it takes to be a greenkeeper. My best advice is to work hard in college and also work as hard as possible during your PLP and ask as many questions as you can. It is only one year and it will set you up for the rest of your life.