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Bachelor of Psychology - Student Experience

Bachelor of Psychology - Student Experience

Bachelor of Science in Psychology – LM102

Career Profile

Aoife Moloney

This course is excellent at giving you a good insight into all the different areas of psychology, including working in mental health, examining social issues like racism, conducting research and so much more! It really is fascinating to learn about all the different types of work you can do in psychology, and it’s helpful in trying to decide where you want to go in your career.

Another great feature of the course at UL is that in first year, you have some freedom to choose the subjects you study. Everybody has to do three core psychology modules, but aside from that you can choose from a range of subjects like biology, sociology, language and culture. It’s a really nice way of easing yourself into your studies and getting some insight into what other subjects are like too!.

Aoife is currently studying for a Masters in Applied Psychology (Mental Health and Psychological Therapies) at the University of Ulster

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What kind of people study Psychology?

People who have an innate interest in investigating the reasons behind why people feel, act and process thoughts. As well as wishing to be a helping hand in someone’s life.

What will I learn by studying Psychology in the University of Limerick?

Psychology in the University of Limerick will allow students to cover a vast range of subjects including social, developmental, biological and cognitive psychology as well as personality and individual differences and research methods and statistics. In the final year of the course, students choose areas by which to specialise in including subjects such as Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, Economic Psychology and Health Psychology.

What are the benefits of studying Psychology at the University of Limerick?

Students who choose to do Psychology have the opportunity to partake in work experience as well as the opportunity to study abroad. There are also options to actively engage in laboratory classes as well as group research exercises. Graduates from this course have a heightened appreciation and interest in many aspects of psychology as well as the ability to think critically and conduct research effectively.