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 Data Analytics plays huge role in STEM innovation

Data Analytics plays huge role in STEM innovation

Data Analytics adds value

“I work with businesses that are looking to innovate, and data analytics plays a huge role. At The Dock, Accenture’s Global Innovation Centre in Dublin, I help companies to build solutions that embed artificial intelligence, or AI, into their processes.

AI can bring huge benefits to businesses in this way, including creating smarter products and ways of doing business, and it can reduce costs and make workforces more productive and efficient.

Students wishing to work in the area of AI and data analytics often benefit from a grounding in and interest in maths, experience in computer coding and knowledge of data engineering, business processes and end-user design.

There are lots of other attributes too that help when working on the technical side of business, including communication skills, and being able to scope the size of work to be done, with clear deliverables and then commit to working to deadlines.”

Medb Corcoran is an Applied Intelligence Director at Accenture. She also holds a MSc in Industrial Applied Mathematics from DCU. 

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Article brought to you by "A World of Opportunities: How Science, Technology and Engineering are Transforming the Careers of the Future" published by Dublin City University. 

Medb Corcoran, Intelligence Director, Accenture