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Creative people are drawn to careers and activities that enable them to take responsibility for the design, layout or sensory impact of something (visual, auditory etc). They may be atrracted to the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting, sculpture, singing, or music. Or they may show more interest in design activities, such as architecture, animation, or craft areas, such as pottery and ceramics.

Creative people use their personal understanding of people and the world they live in to guide their work. Creative people like to work in unstructured workplaces, enjoy taking risks and prefer a minimum of routine.

Client solutions using STEM

Client solutions using STEM

New Bioengineering careers

At just 26, Liam Sexton has already built up an impressive CV. His interest in maths, technical graphics and physics at school in Waterford prompted him to study biomedical engineering at DCU, which combined mechanical engineering with aspects such as human anatomy and medical device design.

He did a five-month work placement with Accenture during his degree and separately he developed his imaging app as a start-up business through DCU’s student accelerator, UStart.

Sexton now works with Accenture as a Technology Consulting Analyst.

“My job is to help clients find solutions that focus around technologies, and my focus on maths, engineering and biology has enabled me to break down problems and see patterns,” he says. “That really opens up lots of opportunities at a fundamental level.”

Liam Sexton, Technology Architecture Delivery Specialist at Accenture. Biomedical Engineering, DCU.

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Liam Sexton, Technology Analyst, Accenture