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Administrative Officer - Revenue Commissioners

Administrative Officer - Revenue Commissioners

"Ever since I joined Revenue, the support I receive from my colleagues has been excellent." Áine Brennan, Administrative Officer - Revenue Commissioners. 

I studied Business and Law at UCD. After graduating, I trained as an accountant with one of the “big 4” firms. I am currently an Administrative Officer in the Corporation Tax II branch of the Corporate Business & International Division of Revenue Legislative Services.

One of the main reasons I joined the Civil Service was that I had worked in the private sector for over 3 years and I wanted a stimulating role that also provided me with a better work life balance. Plus the variety of work and roles within the Civil Service really appealed to me.

My role is really interesting and challenging, and some of the main areas that I have responsibility for include:

  • Research and drafting of provisions for the annual Finance Bill which feeds into “The Budget”
  • Providing technical support to two of our key divisions, the RTS (Regional Technical Services) and LCD (Large Cases Division), on complex legislative queries.
  • Analysing and reporting on CJEU (European Court of Justice) rulings highlighting implications on Irish Corporation Tax.
Ever since I joined Revenue, the support I receive from my colleagues has been excellent. My boss was really good at showing me the ropes and giving me a good understanding of our team’s key objectives and business plan. Early on I was given the opportunity to use my experience as a qualified accountant to develop an important briefing paper on new accounting standards.

This paper is currently under discussion at a senior level Revenue committee which includes a number of external practitioners. It is great to see work that I have done, inform decisions on important issues for the organisation.

My ambitions for my career include progressing further within the Office of the Revenue Commissioners and also to avail of opportunities to gain further experience in different government departments.

I really enjoy my job, but I’m also able to enjoy other important aspects of my life such as travelling, socialising and keeping fit.


Áine Brennan

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