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Is a career in the Beauty Industry for you?

Is a career in the Beauty Industry for you?

Blogger Katie Guerin shares her excellent advice for wannabe beauticians...

Hey gals!

I have been thinking about my little sister who is studying for her leaving cert this year. Its so hard for one to know what they want to do in college at only 17 years old. I think choosing something that you have a great interest in is what really matters and keeps you motivated while studying. Others pick things that they 'think' are easy or laid back courses, like Beauty Therapy.

A lot of the time Beauty Therapists are given the 'Bimbo' label, ''Oh you paint nails and tint eyebrows, how fun''. This is what annoys me about the industry. It can sometimes be frowned upon. But let me tell you this, choosing a career path in the beauty industry does not mean you just paint nails and brows. A career in beauty therapy starts of with a deeper study into the science of the skin.

From speaking to girls interested in doing beauty a lot of them were not aware of the difference between the beauty courses. The Intense beauty therapy Diploma course involves the main treatments that are preformed in spas, clinics and salons. Such as; skincare treatments and Facial machinery. Body treatments and body machinery. Body massage. Waxing. Tinting. Tanning. Manicure and pedicure. There are also individual courses that focus on different areas in the industry such as, theatre and Artistry makeup. Gel and acrylic nails. Basic skincare and waxing. And Holistic massage.

You can choose one of these courses which are usually running for 3-6months. Or you can do the intense beauty therapy course which is about 1-2years depending on the level of qualification you want.

Having Studied Biology in school will defiantly help your course in beauty. Whether you choose just an individual course or the intense you will need to be career driven, have a true passion for the skin, body and overall well being of others.

All of these courses will teach you how to care for your client and Teach you to be a professional therapist.

These courses sometimes seem to people as an easy course, a nice way to spend college etc. But its not all lovely as it sounds. You are constantly being assessed, as what you learnt 2 days ago cannot leave your head.. 80% of the time you need to bring in models and practise on them, showing your tutor your skills. Time management is a big thing. Getting the treatment done in the time frame, educating your client and cleaning. You will have a log book to record at home with the amount of hours of practise you did providing pictures as proof.

This puts a lot of people off during the course, and makes others stand out.

This training is intense because think about it, who wants to go to a spa, clinic or salon and have a treatment with a therapist who doesn't know what their doing? who doesn't know why you got that huge pimple on your forehead?or who doesn't know what you can do to help your dehydrated skin? Or go to a make-up counter and the girl isn't confident in what shes applying to your face.

You must practise what you preach...

I love working in the beauty industry. I have been doing so for 4 years now and I find it extremely rewarding. Its more like a hobby than a job. I love when a client who's come to me for a facial has had a really relaxing treatment, was educated on what their skin type was, and knows what to do at home to keep up the results. When I have a client for a massage, they don't just leave feeling on cloud 9.. They have instructions on what to do for their tight muscles on their back or their tense calfs. It is so important for the therapist to be overly educated. We are always learning. But what you start of with from your training days at college will stand to you for the whole of your career.

If you feel that a career in beauty is for you, then go for it!! The industry is only getting bigger and one can really do well in it. There are so many career opportunities after your study.

It's a great industry to be in and it will never get boring or old!

Check out the colleges near you who are doing Beauty Therapy Diplomas, or if your just looking to get qualified in one area like nails or massage, a lot of places run these every few months. I know there are a lot of colleges around offering these courses. But what I would say to you is really look out for the qualifications and certificates recognised.

CIBTAC is a very recognised beauty qualification in Ireland and England. CIDESCO is an international qualification recognised world wide. This is the highest qualification in the Beauty Industry. (These are my 2 qualifications). ITEC and FETAC are 2 other qualifications I have heard and know of.

I studied my beauty therapy diploma in Cork College of Commerce for 2 years. I choose this college because I heard that the course was intense, and it was a better option to cover it in the space of 2 years. Unlike some other colleges who get through it all in 1 year. I enjoyed my course so so much and I wish I could go back!! I never missed one day I loved it so much. The teachers were fantastic and really worked us hard, but the hard work is paying off now!!

By the way, you can be any age to start your Beauty Career.. I have worked with people who are older than me and who had just begun their career. Age is only a number.... ;-)

Whatever you choose to do make sure its what you love and enjoy :-):-) xxxx

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Katie Guerin