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Subject choice at Deele College

The following factors are always worth considering when choosing your subjects:

ABILITY Consider your abilities in the different subjects and choose subjects in which you are likely to get good grades.

APTITUDES The Differential Aptitude Tests (taken by all 3rd Year students) consist of eight different tests. The results show where your greatest strengths lie. Consider these results when choosing your subjects as you will do well in subjects for which you have an aptitude.

INTEREST Choose subjects that you are genuinely interested in as you are much more likely to study those subjects and do well in them.

CAREER In addition to the core subjects (Irish, English, Maths) there are other subjects that are essential for some courses and careers. It is important to check out these subject requirements with a Guidance Counsellor or the course provider and it is your responsibility to do this.

Remember - do not choose subjects based on what your friends are choosing- there is no guarantee you will be in the same classes. Similarly it is unwise to choose a subject solely because of who teaches it- again there is no guarantee you will have that teacher.

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