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Brian Mooney wrote a really informative article in yesterday’s Irish Times in response to a query regarding progression from Further Education to Third Level.

 As outlined in Brian Mooney’s article, PLC courses can provide a stepping stone to Higher Education. Further Education options are a wonderful part of Irelands’ educational landscape, providing opportunities for school leavers and learners of all ages to consolidate their learning in their area of specific interest.

According to Brian, if a student performs well in Further Education they stand a good chance of securing a reserved place in a CAO course the following year. The query Brian answered concerned entry to Science in Further Education.

If we look at statistics from one College of Further Education as an example, we can see how many Science students have been offered a place in Third Level Science.

The following list shows how many students form the Pre-University Science course in Killester College, Dublin were offered a place on a Third Level Science Course:

From a total cohort of 31 students on the course this year, 28 of them got places in Higher Education, as follows.

Trinity College Dublin – 9 students UCD – 5 students DIT – 7 students DCU – 7 students DIT – 1 students In total, 29 students were offered a place in Third Level Science.

Killester College also revealed that the majority of these students got between 7-8 distinctions. PLC graduates from other colleges across the country are also advancing to third level. 1.

Where Can I find Information on PLC course links to CAO courses? The simplest way to check details on PLC courses and ‘progression routes’ available is to use the search tools on the website. The CourseFinder tool on the homepage links to hundreds of courses from PLC to degree programmes. 2. Using the Course Finder based on Sectors of Interest, Location, College and more… When in the Course Finder, use the filters on the left hand side of the page to narrow your search in any area you are particularly interested in. Example: If you are interested in Science use the Career Sectors filter boxes to find suitable courses. Click on the filter for level 5 you will then be presented with 31 Level 5 PLC courses in the Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical and Earth and Environment sectors available around the country. This search can be narrowed further e.g. by region. If your daughter lives in Dublin you can filter the result to show just the 6 PLC level 5 courses in Dublin region, in the specified areas of science.

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