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First Year Options

Abbey Community College

Important Information on Subject Choices for Incoming First Years September.
Principal:                                    Deputy Principal:
Ms. Detta Cahill                         Mr. Colm Rice & Ms. Helen O'Connor


To Parents and New Pupils of

Abbey Community College


We are delighted to welcome you to 1st Year in Abbey Community College. Following from the Entrance Assessment, you are now faced with the important decision of choosing your Optional Subjects.

The Subject Choice booklet, which will be posted to you, will assist you in choosing the subjects that you will do to Junior Cert. in Abbey Community College.

We ask you to read the contents in detail and pay careful attention to the advice we offer you on subject choices. It is vital that you consider this carefully so that you may have all the information you will need to help you be ready for September.

The Information Meeting will offer further assistance.

The Guidance Counsellors and I are looking forward to meeting you.

Detta Cahill








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