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Study Tips

Good Habits
Study in the same place each day/evening
No TV, mobile phone or computer distractions
Decide on time required for each piece of homework or assignment
Take short breaks & reward yourself when work is finished

Get organised before you start – have a clear desk or table
Student Record Book
Text books, copy books, note pads, files, flash cards etc...
Pens, pencils, drawing equipment, calculator dictionary etc...

Use your Student Record Book
Write down homework as it is set
Tick off when you complete homework
Note important dates for oral, practical and project deadlines

Get motivated, set  SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound)goals, plan ahead
The key to motivation is to set realistic goals on your Careers Portal account under exam targets
Set daily, weekly, monthly goals – Make sure these are realistic
Enjoy the sense of achievement as you reach these targets

Time management
Do work at same time each evening; get into a steady routine
Allocate time for each assignment
Take short breaks (and keep them short)
Use any “leftover” time to review work
- Summarise topic in notes or bullet point form
- Summarise a chapter
- Select questions from revision exercise at end of topic or chapter
- Highlight headings, key facts, dates etc in notes
- Read
Tackling a test or exam paper
Read all of question or paper before you start
Allocate time for each question – spend more time on questions worth more marks
Answer your “best” question first but don't spend too much time on them at the expense of available marks elsewhere

Use resources available to you such a to check marking schemes and past papers. 
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