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5th Year Trip - Leaders On Our Level

All 5th Years attended 'Leaders on our Level Conference' on Friday the 2nd of February. 

Every year, since 2007, Transition Year students in Terenure College have organised a unique Conference on leadership.

Students were addressed by a diverse line-up of speakers such as; entrepreneurs, business leaders and sporting personalities.

Each speaker brought a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed and to make the most out of our talents.

The Conference armed students with the inspiration and motivation necessary to achieve their full potential. It also offers a unique opportunity for students to learn from each leaders individual experience.

The key objectives of the Leaders on Our Level Conference was: To expose students at an early stage to the concepts of good leadership in business and the community. To introduce students to positive role models across a variety of disciplines To help bridge the social divide Provide a fun based learning experience
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