HPAT officially closed registration. In the meantime, Medical Poland Admission Office is inviting all who dream about becoming doctors not to give up on their plans.Medical Poland

On 24th February many students will sit HPAT, but also it will be a disappointment for many when they receive the results. ‘It doesn’t have to be like that, as Medical Poland Admission Office doesn’t require HPAT’ says Adam Krawczyk, the director of Medical Poland. Its Admission Office brings several Polish medical schools to recruit in Ireland in late April, year by year.

The demand for medical school places in Ireland has far outweighed the supply.  This will be the case regardless of the entry and selection determinants employed. “Cost is also a factor. Those wishing to study veterinary have no option but to travel to Dublin as the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine is the only centre for veterinary education in Ireland. This brings with it the additional burden of having to afford rent at a time when Dublin rental prices are spiralling and students renting in the capital can expect to pay anything up to €350 per week for accommodation” says Éanna Ó Caollaí , the Irish Times editor who together with Medical Poland Admission Office team visited Polish Medical Universities last year.


The reality speaks for itself. Growing number is of Irish students at Polish Universities is a proof that there’s no reason to give up on your dreams, even if you miss HPAT points. Andrea Glennon, who is now on her second year, admits it in her interview for ‘The Independent’. ‘I was talking to my mum the other day and I was saying even if I got the points for Ireland, I don’t think I’d change where I am now,” Andrea added. When they [parents] saw the university’s facilities, they knew they were the same as Ireland, if not a better standard’


‘‘We are glad that Medical Poland option is available to many Irish students in the safest country in Europe and second safest in the world (by OECD), where cost of living are three to four times lower than in Ireland’ – comments Krawczyk.


The last Medical Poland’s info event took place at European Commission Representation in Dublin,  This year the Admission Office is preparing even bigger one – there will be a chance to meet student advisers, talk to students starting their medical journey in Poland this September, academics from Polish universities, Polish Embassy and Irish Department of Foreign Affairs representative. And ask them all questions to make sure you’re making a good choice.


It is not too late to register for both: interviews and information event –  for Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. They will take place in Dublin in April. Be in position to secure your place – in Poland. Mocks results give you an opportunity to conditional offer from the university. Even before the Leaving Cert results. Who is ready to become a doctor?

Contact: support@medicalpoland.ie