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CAO - Change of Mind Tips
CAO Change of Mind - some useful tips

Do I have to change my mind now? - You made your initial choices back in January and since then a lot may have happened. You may have now completed the Leaving Cert and feel differently about which courses are suitable for you.

Don't feel you have to change anything but you must have another look at the list just to reassure yourself that the list is right for you. One very important item to check is to see if all the courses on your original list are still on offer. The definitive list is on Qualifax, if you cannot find the course here than it is not available anymore.

Which Course? - always the one you would like to study. This will ensure that you will get better results and in a few years time when you will be applying for a job in most cases it will be the quality of your degree that will count rather than the specific material you studied.
Hasty decisions - These are often wrong and in this case cannot be fixed later. Don't leave decisions to the last minute.

Get Advice - Discuss all potential changes with a parent / guardian and /or contact the Admissions Office of the relevant colleges which are open during the summer months. If you are still in doubt about some aspect of a course contact the colleges directly, get the contact details in Qualifax. Above all you should talk to your guidance counsellor about any major changes.

Research - Use Qualifax at to research all PLC courses and Degrees offered by the colleges Don't guess your results - Just as you did the first time around, place your courses in order of preference on the
form. Never list your choices in points order. This is your wish list and what you like most should be at the top.

Read the literature - Read all college prospectuses carefully - be informed on what is ahead in the course and expected of you. Check with the individual Admissions Office of colleges in relation to entry requirements if you are not sure. You need to check minimum entry requirements too. Even if you get sufficient points you will not get an offer if you do not meet the minimum entry requirements. This can be checked very easily in Qualifax at Minimum Entry Requirements

Final Check - Before you finally sign off on the list go through it once more and see if there are any courses there that you would not take at once if offered it. Any course that you are hesitant about needs more research or take it off the list.

At the beginning of May, applicants will be able to register on-line a change of course choices, free of charge.
Change of Mind Forms may NOT be submitted by FAX.
If you change online, and have supplied an email address, an acknowledgement will also be sent to that email address.
There is no fee for using the Change of Mind facility.
Subject to the exceptions and restrictions mentioned below, you may change course choices (without fee) as often as you wish, up to 17:15 on the 1st July.
If you submit a Change of Mind, it cancels and supersedes all the previous course choices in any category in which changes are made. However, choices in the two categories ( Level 8 and Level 7/6 ) are considered to be completely separate from each other for this purpose. e.g. a change of Level 8 course choices will not affect Level 7/6 choices.
Restricted-Application Courses which are added for the first time via a Change of Mind are invalid choices and will not be considered.

You may NOT enter on a Change of Mind any Mature Applicant Course Codes for nursing, unless at least one such Code appeared on the original application and you have taken the test/interview in the current year.
In addition, individual admitting Higher Education Institutions may impose restrictions on Change of Mind by certain categories of applicant. These are generally the same as for Late Applications. In particular, mature applicants, transfer applicants and those presenting entry qualifications other than recent EU school-leaving examinations should make enquiries from individual Admissions Offices before introducing new course choices after 1st February.

If you make a change of mind, you will receive a revised Statement of Course Choices to confirm that your new course choices have been entered into your computer record. The revised statement will NOT be issued BEFORE 1st June. If it does not arrive by 7th July, you MUST contact us immediately, and provide proof of the submission of the Change of Mind.
It is very important that your course choices should be absolutely correct. Therefore, if you are going to be absent at the time when the revised statement is due, you must arrange for someone to check that it arrives and, when it arrives, that the contents are correct and accurately reflect your wishes.

B. Late Applications (Exception to Timetable)
Exceptional Closing Date : 17:15 22nd July.
Subject to the exclusions below, and subject to the usual conditions for Change of Mind, if you are currently an undergraduate student in any year in any one of the Higher Education Institutions ( and entered that HEI through the CAO system), you may submit a Change of Mind, in paper form only, to arrive in CAO not later than 17:15 on 22nd July.
The Change of Mind Form must be stamped by the Admissions Office of the HEI where you are a student.
(If you did NOT enter your current course through the CAO system, you must first contact the Admissions Office of the HEI to which you wish to apply. That Admissions Office will inform you whether you may submit a Change of Mind.)
a. Such a Change of Mind may be made only for entry to a course (or courses) other than your existing course. If you wish to repeat the year in the same course, you must arrange this within your HEI and it is not a matter for application through CAO.
b. University College, Cork will accept such a Change of Mind only from a person who is currently a first-year student in University College Cork.
c. University College, Dublin will accept such a Change of Mind only from a person who is currently a first-year student in University College Dublin.
d. NUI Galway will accept such a Change of Mind only from a person who is currently a first-year student in NUI Galway.
e. Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin and the University of Limerick, have special procedures in place in the case of current or previous students who wish to apply for entry to another course in the same HEI. Such applicants must contact their Admissions Office to determine the application procedure.
f. However, if you are a student in another HEI and you wish to apply to any of the three HEIs in (e) above, you should submit your paper Change of Mind through CAO.Change


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