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Subjects and Aptitude Tests






1) Verbal Reasoning:

This test measures the ability to reason with words, to understand and use concepts expressed in words. This skill is important in academic courses, in jobs requiring written or oral communication and in jobs involving high levels of authority and responsibility.

• Business, Education, Social science

• Marketing, Journalism, Psychology

• Law, Media, Human Resource Management

• Auctioneering, Librarian, Speech Therapy

• Public Relations, Advertising, Civil service

• Foreign Affairs, Author, Proof Reader

• Salesperson, Linguist, Politics

• Management, Science


Consider the following subjects: Languages, History, Geography, Home Economics, Business, Music.


2) Numerical Reasoning:

This test measures the ability to perform mathematical reasoning tasks. This strength is generally important in school work especially for fields such as maths, chemistry, physics and engineering.

• Accountancy, Computer, Applications

• Laboratory Technician, Computer Science

• Carpentry, Systems Analyst

• Market Research, Information Systems

• Engineering, Valuer

• Air Traffic Controller, Buyer

• Design, Auditor

• Tax Consultant, Actuary

• Bank Official, Finance/ Investment

• Insurance Broker, Statistician


Consider the following subjects: Accounting, Applied Maths, Music, Engineering, Design & Communications Graphics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.


3) Non-Verbal Reasoning:

This test is a non-verbal, non-numerical measure of reasoning power. It tests the ability to see relationships among objects, patterns, diagrams or designs. This skill is useful in careers requiring the person to see relationships between objects in terms of their size, shape, position and quantity.

• Maths, Computers, Animation

• Design, Architecture, Mechanic

• Art, Construction, Photography

• Carpentry, Conservation, Law

• Forensic Scientist, Laboratory Technician


Applied Maths, Art, DCG, Construction Studies, Chemistry

) Spatial Relations:

This test measures the ability to visualise, to think in three dimensions or to picture mentally the size, shape and position of objects when shown only a two dimensional picture or pattern. This skill is vital in order to understand technical drawings.

• Architects, Fashion Design

• Architectural Technicians, Interior Design

• Engineers, Industrial Design

• Creative Artists Stage / Set Designers

• Photographers, Town Planner

• Hairdressers

• Designers, Jewellery Designers

• Surveyors, Technical Illustrator

• Animators


Consider the following subjects: Art, Engineering, Home Economics, Construction, Geography, DCG






26 June, 2017 
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26 June, 2017 
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26 June, 2017 
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27 June, 2017 
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27 June, 2017 
DCU June Open Day

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Friday, June 23, 2017 

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 

• Digital Strategy for Schools Action Plan 2017 launched

Monday, June 19, 2017 

• 2018 Free HPAT-Ireland Guide

Monday, June 12, 2017 

• Timeline from Leaving Cert to CAO course offers 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017 

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