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Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan

Career Guidance

1. Aims of the Guidance Programme:

Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan is a catholic girls’ secondary school. In the spirit of Mary Ward we aim to develop all the abilities of our students in order that they realise their full potential and use their talents for the service of others.

We also aim to encourage self-confidence and self esteem in a happy atmosphere and structured environment.
The school community collaborating together in mutual respect strives for holistic excellence.
We also aim to promote self-confidence and self esteem in a happy atmosphere and structured environment.
  • The school recognises the uniqueness, inherent worth and dignity of each student.

  • The students are encouraged to know themselves, to acknowledge and use their gifts, to recognise and accept their limitations and to share their talents with others.

  • The school environment encourages recognition of the potential of each individual student, responding to the needs and differences of each.

  • To raise awareness of the relevance of their studies in today’s world.

  • Enjoyment of learning and commitment to the development of independent life-long learning are fostered.

2. Needs analysis of guidance and counselling in Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan as identified by students, staff and parents:

  • Opportunities for personal development and self-confidence

  • Education and encouragement in developing social skills

  • To promote understanding and the importance of self-worth in students

  • To create awareness of multiple intelligence

  • Education about social issues

  • Health education

  • Relationship education

  • Mental health education

  • Emotional support for students experiencing difficulties

  • Individual appointments

  • Confidential counselling for students

  • Direction towards up to date information on subject/courses

  • Support and guidance around subject choice

  • Advice about subjects levels

  • Guidance towards realistic career choice

  • To identify students with special needs as early as possible

  • Extra support for students with special needs

3. Objectives of the Guidance Programme:

  • To assist each student in their personal development and to help them to know and accept themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses.

  • To support each student in following an educational path which is appropriate to them.

  • To support students who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives, at home or at school.

  • To facilitate students in choosing and embarking on a career path which will be personally rewarding and will reflect their individual talents and values.

  • To support students at times of transition.

  • To identify and explore opportunities for students.

  • To help students grow in independence and take responsibility for themselves.







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