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The Guidance and Counselling Department of Blackrock College
is an intergral part of the whole school plan.


The personal well-being of each boy is central to the Blackrock College Mission. Individual counselling plays an important role in the Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social, and Intellectual development of each boy. Each year group has a counsellor who supports the Dean in the care of the boys.
Counsellors are always happy to see a student who can be referred to them throught their Dean. This referral can come via the student themselves, a Parent or a Teacher. 

Career Guidance:

One of the most important decisions the boys will make is that of career choice. The purpose of guidance and Counselling in Blackrock College is to empower each student to get to know his Abilities, Skills, Talents, Interests and Values so that when he reaches his final year he will be able to choose a a third level course and plan a career that suits his needs and abilities. There is a Career Guidance Counsellor in each year of Senior Cycle, Transition year, 5th year and 6th year. 
In Transition yer the student's sit the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) which provides a robust, standardised measure of Cognitive Reasoning Ability. With CAT4, you get invalualbe insight into the students's ability to reaon accross four distinct batteries: Verbal, Non - Verbal, Mathematical and Spatial, as compared to the national average.
Also in Transition year the students complete the Eirquest Career Guidance Programme, from Cambridge Occupational Analysts. Comprising of a questionnaire about their Interests, Abilities and Personal qualities without the presssure of time. Their answers are then used to produce a Career Guidance Workbook covering aroud 50 broad career areas. Student are encouraged to complete their workbooks using their Action Plan, Career Analysis Forms, The Careers Directory and by aquiring relevant work experience and advice.

At the end of 5th year the students complete the Centigrade Qestionnaire also from Cambridge Occupational Analysts. It comprises of a specially designed questionnaire where the responses are analysed and mathced with all the courses available and the results compiled into a personalised workbook. The use of Centigrade can significantly improve the quality of your son's decision- making and thus reduce the risk of selecting the wrong course. 

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