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Guidance Counsellors:
Ms.Jennie Blayney
Ms. Mary Costello 

Aims of the Guidance Programme:

A) The principles expressed in ‘Heritage and Horizons’ underpin our programme. "Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom" – Heritage and Horizons:

  • ‘The school recognises the uniqueness, inherent worth and dignity of each pupil.’
  • ‘The pupils are encouraged to know themselves, to acknowledge and use their gifts, to recognise and accept their limitations and to share their talents with others’
  • ‘A deep respect for Intellectual values’ – Heritage and Horizons
  • ‘The school environment encourages recognition of the potential of each individual pupil, responding to the needs and differences of each’
  • ‘The inter-relating of knowledge will help pupils to see the relevance of their studies in today’s world.’
  • ‘Enjoyment of learning and commitment to the development of independent life-long learning are fostered.’

B) Needs analysis of guidance and counselling in Mount Anville as assessed by students, staff and parents:

  • Opportunities for personal development and self-confidence
  • Education and encouragement in developing social skills
  • To promote feeling of self-worth in students
  • To create awareness of multiple intelligence
  • Health education
  • Relationship education
  • Education about social issues
  • Mental health education
  • Emotional support for students experiencing difficulties
  • Time for individual appointments
  • Confidential counselling for students
  • Access to up to date information on subject/courses
  • Support around subject choice
  • Advice about levels in subjects
  • Direction towards realistic career choice
  • To identify students with special needs as early as possible
  • Extra support for students with special needs

Objectives of the Guidance Programme:

  • To assist each student in her personal development and to help her to know and accept herself, including her strengths and weaknesses.
  • To support each student in following an educational path which is appropriate for her.
  • To support students who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives, at home or at school.
  • To facilitate students in choosing and embarking on a career path which will be personally rewarding and will reflect their individual talents and values.
  • To support students at times of transition.
  • To identify and explore opportunities for students.
  • To help students grow in independence and take responsibility for themselves



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