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The school guidance counselling service is administered by professionally trained School Guidance Counsellors. The Guidance Counsellors, as part of a school team, focus primarily on the personal and social, educational and vocational development of the students. The aim of the service is to professionally answer the guidance and counselling needs of the student (the central figure in the learning process) in the context of the overall school mission. 

Career Guidance is timetabled for all senior cycle students weekly and the Guidance Counsellor meets with the 3rd year students for a number of classes during the academic year.

The Guidance Counsellor is responsible for career education and counselling in the school. She helps the students move from a general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the world of work, and the learning and career options available to them.

Their work combines the role of Personal Counselling with that of Careers Guidance.

In the career guidance context, the Guidance Counsellor is the dedicated specialist and school liaison point with universities, colleges, faculty heads, academic staff and admissions offices. The aim is to provide information on access programmes, psychological assessment services, counselling & referral agencies, grants and other financial support measures and procedures, key online careers and educational websites.

The Guidance Counsellor typically provides a careers and counselling support service across the school student population. During their time in the school the students will meet in groups and individually with the Guidance Counsellor to look at options, opportunities, educational routes, and to complete career and psychometric assessments as part of their career development plan.

The Guidance Counsellor also plays a vital role in the pastoral care system in place for the wellbeing of the students. Often students experiencing difficulties or in need of some support will make contact with or be referred to the Guidance Counsellor for some additional support.

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