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Aims of Guidance programme

The aim of the Guidance Programme in Beech Hill College is to promote and develop Guidance for all students.

The Guidance Counsellors in Beech Hill College are :

Ms. Martina Boyle

 Ms. Catherine O'Harte

We place particular emphasis on:

  • Transition from Primary school and Induction to Second level
  • Transition from Junior cycle to Senior cycle
  • Established Leaving Certificate/Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme/Leaving Certificate Applied Programme
  • Transition from second level to Higher/Further Education and Training and Employment
We are involved in a range of activities which may be offered on an individual , group or class basis.

A wide variety of guidance and counselling activities are provided by the school. These include,

Counselling - helping students to explore their thoughts and feelings,and the choices open to them; giving care and support to students learning to cope with the many aspects of growing up.

Assessment - helping students to obtain a better self-understanding through the use of psychometric tests and other inventories. 

Information - providing students with objective and factual data on education and training opportunities,occupations,labour marketinformation,entitlements etc.

Advice - making suggestions based on the advisor’s own knowledge and experience.

Educational Development Programmes facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to studying, examination performance,choices of subjects and levels. 

Personal and Social Development Programmes - facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to a student’s personal and social development, selfawareness,decision-making and planning. 

Referral- this includes two types of activity:

i) referral of an individual student by the guidance counsellor to other Professionals outside of the school, e.g. The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS);

ii) referral of an individual student to the guidance counsellor by teachers,Board of Management, school management, and parents. The voluntary participation in counselling of the referred studentmust be respected by all concerned.

Consultation with parents,school staff and students.

Feedback - giving feedback to the Board of Management, school management and staff on the needs of individual students, groups and the school as an organisation, and how the school guidance programme has supported students’ choices and transitions.

Networking - establishing links with employers, relevant agencies and institutions to enhance guidance work with students.

Promoting change - assisting curriculum development in the school.

Appointments may be made directly by the students.

Referrals may also be made by teachers or parents. They will be arranged on a first come basis unless the matter is urgent.




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