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The school guidance service in Mayfiled Community school is provided by a qualified Guidance Counsellor. 

The Guidance Counsellor enables students to equip themselves with the skills  to make an informed decision on subjects in school and thier future careers

The Guidance service ensures that a structured response to students personal, social, educational and career guidance needs are catered for.

It is inclusivee of junior, senior, minority and special education needs of all students.

The school guidance is centred around three guiding principles in our school:

Pupil Learning-Pupil Achievement- Pupil Well-being

We are also in keeping with our school mission statement of: 


We believe that this mission is best summarised in our motto-

Meas ar Gach Craobh- Respect for All

Protocal for meetings:

Meetings with students
are all made by appointment. Students make appointments during guidance class or lunchtimes.  The class teacher has the right to refuse a student to leave for an appointment. If a teacher refuses the appointmnet is rescheduled. Students are signed out by the subject teacher at the time of the appointmnent. 
Year Tutors may also refer the students to the Guidance Counsellor. The Guidance Counsellor is briefed by the teacher and a plan of action is negotiated. 

Parents/Guardians make appointments with the Guidance Counsellor by telephoning the school Appointments are conducted during the school day. All parties are requested to inform each other if a cancellation is neccessary. On occasion the Guidance Counsellor may request another staff member e.g. Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Tutor be present at the meeting. The student is always invited in fror whole or part of the meeting with approval from the parent or Guardian. This gives the student responsibilty, ownership and inclusion in the meetings outcomes. Notes are kept after all meetings. 

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