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Third Level Colleges, Study Skills websites, etc
Important Dates and Events (C.A.O, U.C.A.S Admissions)

Some Third Level Colleges and Institutes of Further Education

Some Useful Websites

CAO - Central Applications Office for application to Universities and I.T.s.
ww.accesscollege.ie [site for students applying to the HEAR or DARE scheme]
www.susi.ie [site for accessing grants for third level]
http://www.careersnews.ie [site giving up to date labour market information]


Study Skills

Useful Sites for if you need a little emotional or social help
http://www.yourmentalhealth.ie - mental health promotion
http://www.notalone.ie [ Cork youth info centre 021 4270187]
http://www.aware.ie [supporting people with depression]
http://www.thecounsellingcentre.ie [Cork Counselling Centre, 7 Fr Mathew Street]
http://www.console.ie [supporting those berieved through suicide]
http://www.barnardos.ie [berevement counselling for children]
http://www.ispcc.ie [Youth support & mentoring]
http://www.nasouth.ie [ Narcotics Anonymous]
http://www.tusla.ie/ [ Child and Family Support Agency]



All you need to know about deferring a place


All Irish universities and other third-level institutions will allow students to defer accepting a place they have been offered, and the college will hold the place for them until the following year, regardless of whether or not the points go up.

CAO applicants will find all details on page four of the CAO's handbook of a common deferral procedure which is used by those colleges who permit deferral. It is emphasised that permission is not guaranteed, and is totally at the discretion of the higher education institution in question.

All Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) will consider applications for deferred entry. Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) will only grant permission under exceptional circumstances for deferred entry to any of its courses.

University College Cork (UCC) will only consider applications for deferral under exceptional circumstances in respect of its medical, dental, pharmacy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy courses (CK701,CK702, CK703, CK704, CK705).

Students wishing to defer accepting a place are instructed on page four of the handbook as follows. On receipt of the offer notice:

1. Do not accept the offer in the manner shown on the Offer Notice.

2. Write immediately to the Admissions Office of the appropriate higher education institution setting out the reason(s) for the request. Mark “DEFERRED ENTRY” clearly on the envelope.

3. The appropriate part of the Offer Notice must be attached to the letter, i.e that part of the notice which shows the offer you wish to be deferred.

4. The letter must arrive in the Admissions Office at least two days before the “Reply Date” shown on the offer notice.

5. The HEI will communicate the decision to the applicant. If the deferral is not granted, you may still accept the offer for the current year.

6. All communications about deferral must go to the Admissions Offices and not to CAO.

In order to take up the deferred place, the applicant must reapply through the CAO in the succeeding year, paying the appropriate application fee, and placing the deferred course as the only preference on the Application Form.

When reapplying the following year you must complete an application fully. In other words, you must include again any documentation, if any were needed, which you provided with the original application.

This is an extremely important point. If students apply for and are given permission to defer accepting a place, they will still be offered any higher preference courses to which they are entitled in any later round this year.

They will be free to accept any higher preference offer, or to seek permission to defer accepting that offer, if they want to. If you accept a later offer, the deferred place lapses, just as any later round acceptance cancels and supersedes an earlier acceptance.

It is not possible to accept one offer and to seek permission to defer another place on another course just in case you do not like the course you are on.

A deferral is a postponed acceptance so, generally speaking, a college will not allow students to defer a place in one college, and take up another college place in the same year. Some colleges are not sympathetic to deferral if the applicant plans to repeat the Leaving Certificate.

There is usually no problem, however, with taking a place on a Post Leaving Certificate course (PLC) during a deferral year because a PLC course is not allocated through the CAO system, and is regarded as further education rather than as higher education.

College admissions officers notice that not all students who defer accepting a college place actually take it up the following year. A significant number of them either let the offer lapse, or reapply for another college course.

During the intervening year they may have realised that they did not really want the college course that they deferred accepting. But there is no problem if applicants reach that decision. They are perfectly entitled to apply for a new set of preferences to CAO.

They may even include the course they have deferred in a lower order of preference if they wish. The only difference is that they will not be automatically entitled to it if the points have increased.

They will be competing along with all other applicants for courses on the points levels of the year in question. It is worth reminding students that the points they gain in any year are like a currency which remains valuable into the future.

A student may apply to college for years to come on the basis of the points they gained in the year of their Leaving Certificate.

Source: http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/education/features/all-you-need-to-know-about-deferring-a-place-1459543.html



Bonus Points for Maths Explained


Implementation of Bonus Points for Higher Level Mathematics by the Universities, DIT & Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Points awarded:

A bonus of 25 points will be allocated to students who achieve a grade D3 or above in higher level (HL) mathematics.  This means that the maximum cumulative LC points total will increase from 600 to 625 (existing maximum points plus bonus points).

Time scale:

The scheme is to be introduced for a four year pilot period commencing leaving certificate 2012 and will be reviewed in 2014.


  • All students presenting HD3 or above in HL mathematics will have 25 points added to their score for mathematics
  • The six highest subject points scores will then be counted to achieve a cumulative points score, as is normal practice

The bonus points will only be relevant in cases where the subject HL mathematics (including bonus points) is scored as one of the candidate’s six best subjects for points purposes. Consequently, if HL mathematics (cumulative points score) is not among these six subjects, the bonus points will not be included in the total points score.

Date of examination:

Bonus points will be awarded during the 4 year pilot period irrespective of the year in which the examinations were taken.


The maximum possible adjusted points score for applicants to Medicine will increase from 560 to 565. (For all scores over 550, each 5 point band equals one extra point.) The baseline score of 480 points will still apply but can include the bonus points if HL mathematics (cumulative points) is among the best six subjects.

EU other than Irish examinations:

All EU students presenting for admission to an Irish university with a clear equivalent to HL Mathematics as one of their EU school leaving subjects will be awarded bonus points. A scoring system for GCE, International Baccalauréat and European Baccalauréat examinations will be prepared as a matter of urgency.

The table below illustrates the impact of the bonus points.


% Range LC Grade Points for HL Maths, including 25 bonus points Existing points for  HL subjects inc maths Points for Ordinary Level subjects
90 – 100 A1 125 100 60
85 – 89.99 A2 115 90 50
80 – 84.99 B1 110 85 45
75 – 79.99 B2 105 80 40
70 – 74.99 B3 100 75 35
65 – 69.99 C1 95 70 30
60 – 64.99 C2 90 65 25
55 – 59.99 C3 85 60 20
50 – 54.99 D1 80 55 15
45 – 49.99 D2 75 50 10
40 – 44.99 D3 70 45 5
25 – 39.99 E 0 0 0
10 – 24.99 F 0 0 0
0 – 9.99 NG 0 0 0


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