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Temple Carrig has a full time Guidance Counsellor (Ms Caroline O’Farrell) whose role is to assist students make informed choices about their lives in the personal, educational and career areas. The Career Guidance Programme is delivered through class contact time with the students. At Junior Cycle level, students undertake a career skills module, where they begin to explore career areas they are interested in, and learn to develop the research skills necessary to explore these careers. Individual counselling, which may include personal counselling, educational counselling and career counselling or a combination of these, is also a very important element of Temple Carrig’s Guidance and Counselling programme.

 The Objectives of the Guidance Programme are: 
  • To help students develop an awareness and acceptance of their strengths, talents and abilities.
  • To facilitate students in identifying and exploring opportunities.
  • To enable students to grow in independence and take responsibility for themselves.
  • To help students make informed choices about their lives and to follow through on these choices.
  • Assist students during the various transitions in their lives.
The Guidance Counsellor also provides a number of other services to students during their time in Temple Carrig, which include but are not limited to:

  • Counselling: Helping students to explore their thoughts and feelings, and the choices open to them; giving care and support to students learning to cope with the many aspects of growing up and at moments of personal crises. 
  • Assessment: Helping students to obtain a better self-understanding through the use of psychometric tests and other inventories. The Probe Career Interest test is administered to all Junior Cycle students to help them gain an understanding of their career interests and explore relevant career areas. The Cambridge Profile aptitude tests and Eirquest questionniare is administered in Transition Year as an aid to help students choose subjects for the Leaving Certificate and identify their strengths which may also help with future career choices. Interest Inventories are also used in each year of the Senior Cycle.
  • Careers Information: Providing students with objective and factual information on education and training opportunities, occupations, labour market information etc…
  • Student Research: Independent student research is encouraged at every stage of their time in Temple Carrig. A Career Skills module at Junior Cycle encourages the development of students’ research skills to ensure they are fully equipped with the necessary research skills when applying for college courses at senior cycle. At Senior Cycle, all students work on the Reach+ Career and College Preparation Programme in the career guidance classes. This online programme commences in TY until 6th year. Each student has their own career portfolio which can be accessed both in school and at home with parents. This is an excellent resource that students can use to assist them when the time comes to choosing college courses in 6th Year. 
  • CAO/College Application: Helping students to prepare for application to Third Level Institutions and Colleges of Further Education when they are in 5th and 6th year is a major element of my role as Guidance Counsellor. Students who wish to apply to UK Colleges through UCAS or colleges abroad are also given every assistance.
I hope you find Temple Carrig’s Guidance and Counselling website helpful. I endeavour to update it on a regular basis, to provide both students and parents with up to date career guidance information, information on in-school career events, information on promoting positive mental health, and any relevant articles and videos we think you may enjoy.
Caroline O’Farrell
Guidance Counsellor
Temple Carrrig School

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