Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Chloe Kinsella from ESB to give some advice for people considering this job:


Chloe Kinsella

Engineer - Carbon


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  Chloe Kinsella

People working as carbon specialist come from many different backgrounds. In fact one of my former colleagues came from a genetics background, while the others were from an engineering background.

In Ireland at the moment it is quite hard to get into the carbon space so you may have to go abroad for training.

To pursue a career in engineering it is important to have a strong technical background.


The Social person's interests focus on some aspect of those people in their environment. In all cases the social person enjoys the personal contact of other people in preference to the impersonal dealings with things, data and ideas found in other groups.

Many will seek out positions where there is direct contact with the public in some advisory role, whether a receptionist or a counsellor. Social people are motivated by an interest in different types of people, and like diversity in their work environments. Many are drawn towards careers in the caring professions and social welfare area, whilst others prefer teaching and other 'informing' roles.
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4,000 additional jobs in Ireland's MedTech Sector to 2020

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4,000 additional jobs in Ireland's MedTech Sector to 2020

Thursday, May 04, 2017 

4,000 additional jobs in Ireland's MedTech Sector to 2020

A new report released today projects that an additional 4,000 new jobs will be generated in Ireland's Medical Technology sector by the year 2020.

Jobs will span the areas of  Operations, Engineering, R&D, Supply chain, Quality, Procurement, Data Analytics and Science among others.

Commissioned by the Irish Medtech Association and Skillnet, the Ibec representative group for the sector, the detailed survey was carried out by Grant Thornton. Research respondants found it more difficult to recruit in the last 5-years. Skills gaps have been identified which must be addressed if the sector's reputation as a leading industry is to be maintained.

Towards redressing the skills deficit and preparing the industry for a new jobs boom, a number of recommendations are set out in the report. These include a focus on career guidance, improved understanding of the sector and the career opportunities within it, investment in upskilling and re-skilling of people and the need for alternative routes to MedTech careers including new apprenticeships.

About the MedTech Sector

Ireland is recognised as a global medtech hub. We have 18 of the world's top 25 medtech companies operating here, with 29,000+ people working in the sector.

The full report 'Future skills needs analysis for the medical technology sector in Ireland to 2020' is available here.

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