Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Kieran Magee from Teagasc to give some advice for people considering this job:

Kieran Magee

Farm Manager - Dry Stock


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Kieran Magee
Someone who wants to be where I am today shall need bucket loads of ambition and not be afraid of hard work.  They will need to not be afraid of starting at the very bottom of that big high ladder but at the same time have the eagerness and determination to get to the top of that ladder because the opportunities are there.

Education is very important.  It may only seem like a silly piece of paper but it's that Cert, Diploma or Degree that gets you that job and not the man/woman beside you.

The one thing that is vital in not alone this job, but any job, and alot of people don't seem to have it, is common sense. It's something so simple but really important. if you have no cop-on then nobody wants to know you.

Administrative people are interested in work that offers security and a sense of being part of a larger process. They may be at their best operating under supervisors who give clear guidelines, and performing routine tasks in a methodical and reliable way.

They tend to enjoy clerical and most forms of office work, where they perform essential administrative duties. They often form the backbone of large and small organisations alike. They may enjoy being in charge of office filing systems, and using computers and other office equipment to keep things running smoothly. They usually like routine work hours and prefer comfortable indoor workplaces.
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530 Dairy opportunities in Munster

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530 Dairy opportunities in Munster

Thursday, December 07, 2017 

530 Dairy opportunities in Munster

An independent survey commissioned by Dairygold has revealed that there will be at least 530 job opportunities available in Munster in the agricultural industry.

The survey indicated that over 60% of Dairygold’s suppliers intend to increase their milk supply indicating that the dairy industry in Ireland will continue to expand at a rapid rate of over 16% over the next 4 years.

Dairygold is Munsters leading global player in supplying cheese and dairy ingredients. Chairman of Dairygold James Lynch stated “It’s positive to see that the ambition of our members remains strong and that they intend to grow their herds and milk supply”.

In Ireland alone in 2016, total dairy and ingredients exports increased by an estimated 2% to €3.38 billion and total domestic milk output was estimated at 6,395 million litres. (CSO, 2017)

More information on the survey can be found here.

Current job opportunities in the farm labour are available here.

Also, if you are interested in a career with Dairygold, opportunities are posted here.

If you would like to learn more about the career of a dairy farmer, more information can be found by clicking here