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The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with clever technology. They will often follow the latest developments in their chosen field, and prefer mentally stimulating environments.



Did you get your course? CAO Points here - the agonising wait is over!

CAO 2018 Offers now out check if your course points went up or down this year

Did you get your course? CAO Points here - the agonising wait is over!

To view the 2018 FULL LIST OF CAO Course POINTS click here.

The CAO has issued this morning a total of 73,652 Round One offers to 50,746 appliants. These offers consist of 42,301 Level 8 course offers and 31,351 Level 7/6 course offers. The anticipation has been building since the Leaving Results were released last Wednesday. It is a nerve-racking day for 2018 CAO applicants, as they wait to see what Round 1 has to offer them.

The CAO points relased this morning are a major determining factor underpinning what offer you wil recieve. CAO points can go up and down year on year due to factors such as the number of applicants applying to the course.

The CAO Offers Process Explained

Round 1 Offers

FIRST ROUND offers are available this morning Monday 20st August from 6.00am on CAO.ie. Applicants can check to see if they have received an offer by going online and logging on to their account using the ‘My Application’ facility from 6am this morning.

Successful CAO applicants will also receive an offer notification via email and SMS text if they have selected this option on their application form. 

Paper offer notices will reach the majority of applicants today; if an applicant has not received an offer they will receive a Statement of Application Record in the post.

Check your Statement of Application carefully in case there any errors or omissions. If there are, you should contact CAO immediately. You must make sure to do this well in advance of the next offer round to allow any corrections to be considered in subsequent offer rounds.

Accepting your Offer

The acceptance window is shorter this year so don't delay.  Applicants who choose to accept an offer must do so by Friday August 24th at 5:15pm.

You can accept your offer online or by post, but do not do both. The majority of applicants - typically 99% - accept online.

Students have until Friday 24th August at 5.15pm to accept Round 1 offers. 

More than one Offer: 
Applicants may receive more than one offer in Round 1 (a level 6/7 course offer and level 8 offer). Only one acceptance may be recorded in each round, i.e. applicants may not hold two places at once and so must choose which offer to accept. If an applicant returns two acceptances in the same round, CAO will record the latest acceptance received prior to the closing date of the offer notice as final.

Do not delay:
If you fail to accept your offer by 5.15 on Friday 24th August your offer will lapse.  When accepting an offer CAO advise applicants to use the online system stating that it is "easier, safer and faster than returning the paper offer notice" If you opt to accept by post, do so without delay and obtain a certificate of postage.

Eileen Keleghan, CAO Communications Officer, asks applicants to carefully consider any offers received in this round.

She said: “If an applicant accepts an offer in Round One this will not prevent them from receiving an offer of a course higher up on their courses list in a later offer round if a place becomes available and they are deemed eligible.

Those who received an offer in this round should consider the current offer as being the last one they may receive."

: An acknowledgement of acceptance will be posted to arrive three working days after a reply date. If an applicant has supplied a valid email address, CAO will email an acknowledgement of acceptance as well. At any stage, applicants may check the status of their application online.

If you are confused by the CAO offer process, check out this cool infographic that explains everything.


Round Two offers will be available to view online on the CAO website on Wednesday 29th August from 10:00am and should also arrive by post.

For further explanation on how the offers process work check out this 4 minute video clip from CAO

NO CAO OFFERS - Don't Panic!

When first round CAO offers are made to successful applicants, notices are also sent to those who did not receive any offer together with a Statement of Application Record.

This provides applicants with an opportunity to check that the CAO has all their relevant data on file and that it is correct.  

If you have not received an offer this morning, please don't panic. There are still lots of possible options open to you. Please check out our Leaving Cert Guide here


After Round Two, the AVAILABLE Places facility operates on a weekly schedule of applications, offers and acceptances. Full details available below.

Check 2018 CAO Level 8 Vacant Places -  updated on a daily basis - Applications open 12:00 on Tuesday 21st August. Apply Online VIA THE CAO WEBSITE

Check 2018 CAO Level 7/6 Vacant Places -  updated on a daily basis - Applications open 12:00 on Tuesday 21st August. Apply Online VIA THE CAO WEBSITE


Check 2018 Non-CAO Direct Entry - allows you to explore course options and apply directly to colleges without CAO points.


Check 2018 PLC Search - allows you explore Level 5 and 6 courses in the PLC and Further Education colleges nationwide, many of which still have vacant places.  

What other options are available besides college?

More advice on career and educational choices here 

Queries or Questions

Applicants with queries or questions for the CAO can use the 'Contact' facility on www.cao.ie .  A response will usually be issued by the next working day.

If you have any question you can also contact the National Parents Council Helpline which is staffed by qualified and experienced guidance counsellors who will deliver one to one advice. 

Contact Number:1800 265 165

Monday, August 20th: 8 am - 7 pm (CAO Round 1 Offers Day)

Tuesday, August 21st: 8 am - 7 pm

Wednesday, August 22nd: 10 am - 1 pm


Best of luck from all of us here at CareersPortal. We’re rooting for you!

The CareersPortal Team

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