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Interactive Video Recruitment Campaign for Defence Forces

This is the first time a virtual training experience has been used to attract talent

The Irish Defence Forces have become the first military in the world to release a virtual training experience. A first-person interactive video called "A New Dawn" is part of their ongoing recruitment drive.

The Defence Forces employed the tactic as the target demographic are frequent users of gaming. The campaign began with a teaser trailer similar to the type of advertisement normally associated with the launch of a major video game.

A New Dawn is an interactive videogame is aimed at 18-24 year olds. It uses a real soldier avatar to fully immerse game players in the reality of becoming a soldier in a platoon which is conducting a joint land, sea and air assault.

The scenario, where every decision has a consequence, offers an unprecedented opportunity for players to appreciate the skill, determination and courage required of Defence Forces personnel as they conduct their basic training.

The big reveal on launch day was that visitors to the site expected to find a game but instead found out this is not a game, this is a Defence Forces training scenario. Peaking interest in this way enabled the Defence Forces to break out of its normal channels to engage with young men and women that may not appreciate the wide range of roles and responsibilities available in an organisation which prioritises lifelong learning.

To play the Defence Forces interactive video game see A New Dawn.

Minister Kehoe launched the Defence Forces recruitment campaign in February 2017 with a social media video asking people if they had what it takes “to make an impact. ” This year’s recruitment campaign is exceptionally important as the Defence Forces seek to recruit 860 applicants across general service, apprentices and cadets. This campaign is reaching out to potential recruits on platforms that they are accustomed to, offering them a unique opportunity to become immersed in the type of intense Defence Forces training exercise they can expect to face as they begin their military careers.”

Commenting on the campaign, Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces Vice Admiral Mark Mellett said: “How we are reaching out to potential recruits is different this year, but what we offer them remains the same. A career in the Defence Forces is an opportunity to serve your country and to make an impact in some of the world’s most troubled regions while also receiving first class training and education along the way.”

The Defence Forces innovative approach to this year’s campaign is building on last year’s female focused campaign that won a Silver Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.

For more on Defence Forces careers please see here  The closing date for this competition is 23:59hrs on the Wednesday 5th April 2017.

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