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The Social person's interests focus on interacting with the people in their environment. In all cases, the Social person enjoys the personal contact with other people in preference to the impersonal dealings with things, data and ideas found in other groups.

Many will seek out positions where there is direct contact with the public in some advisory role, whether a receptionist or a counsellor. Social people are motivated by an interest in different types of people and like diversity in their work environments. Many are drawn towards careers in the caring professions and social welfare area, whilst others prefer teaching and other 'informing' roles.



Ireland: A global leader in Technology

Discover the advantages of a Career in STEM

Ireland: A global leader in Technology

Over the past decade, Ireland has grown into a global technology hub. We are now home to 9 of the top 10 global software companies, 9 of the top 10 US technology companies and all of the top 10 born on the internet companies

Employment in the technology sector has increased by 30% over the last ten years in Ireland.

The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs forecasts the demand for IT skills to be strong as organisations introduce new systems and migrate from existing systems to increasingly sophisticated online and/or cloud platforms.

In such a rapidly changing sector is it hard to plan with many projected jobs for the future that haven’t been invented yet!

As the world becomes more dependent on technology we can see STEM moving into just about every industry as an element of computing is incorporated into more and more roles.

Did we mention that jobs in STEM are currently ranked among the top five highest paying careers!

All-in-all this is a sector with exponential growth and there are so many STEM careers opportunities both at home and abroad!


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