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Creative people are drawn to careers and activities that enable them to take responsibility for the design, layout or sensory impact of something (visual, auditory etc). They may be drawn towards the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting, sculpture, singing, or music. Or they may show more interest in design, such as architecture, animation, or craft areas, such as pottery and ceramics.

Creative people use their personal understanding of people and the world they live in to guide their work. Creative people like to work in unstructured workplaces, enjoy taking risks and prefer a minimum of routine.



New ICT Level 6 Apprenticeship Programmes Launched

For all tech enthusiasts wishing to pursue a career in Irelandís buoyant technology sector

Two new ICT tech apprenticeship programmes have been launched by Fast Track into Information Technology (FIT): 

The two schemes will be at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), and they collectively have a target of 1,000 participants a year by 2021.

ICT Associate Professional is the new National Apprenticeship Programme for all tech enthusiasts wishing to pursue a career in Ireland’s buoyant technology sector. 

Over 12,000 jobs are currently available in tech – as highlighted by the recent FIT ICT Skills Audit. 75% of these roles can be facilitated through tech apprenticeship programmes, providing immediate employment opportunities for job seekers and students.

The apprenticeships are open to individuals of Leaving Cert standard or equivalent, and will be characterised by a greater emphasis on a ‘learning by doing’ format of ICT skills development.

The first six months of the programme is intensive college-based learning where apprentices are equipped with the necessary technical skills.  The remaining 18 months are a combination of on-the-job experience with participating countries, supplemented with college-based instruction.

Participating companies pay candidates throughout the apprenticeship and facilitate the on-the-job learning. This will enable trainees to generate added value through honing their knowledge, skills and competencies in real-time while contributing to product development, technological advancement and talent development.

All training costs of the apprentices will be covered by the State through the National Training Fund.

Barry Lowry, Government Chief Information Officer said at the announcement: “The gap between the industry demand for digital and ICT talent and the supply of people qualifying with relevant skills continues to grow.

“These apprenticeships are an exciting and innovative response. They not only create a new source of skills supply to both public and private sector, they bring opportunities for people to enter or re-train into one of the most exciting and well-rewarded career paths available.”

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