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They tend to enjoy clerical and most forms of office work, where they perform essential administrative duties. They often form the backbone of large and small organisations alike. They may enjoy being in charge of office filing systems, and using computers and other office equipment to keep things running smoothly. They usually like routine work hours and prefer comfortable indoor workplaces.



Guide to Leaving Cert Results out Tomorrow Morning

Everything you need to know over the next few weeks

Guide to Leaving Cert Results out Tomorrow Morning

Leaving Cert 2019 Guide
To explore our Leaving Cert Results - Your Next Steps guide, click here.

The wait is almost over and those hard-earned Leaving Cert results will be revealed tomorrow to almost 57,000 Leaving Cert students!

A big congratulations from all from the team here at CareersPortal, on reaching this fantastic milestone - we hope this is a joyous occasion for you and that you are delighted with your achievements. For those of you who are less than thrilled and may even feel disappointed, take heart in knowing that there is lots of help and support available to you and there are many different routes to both education and employment.

This year the number of people sitting the Leaving Cert rose by almost 3%. In total, 56,877 sat the Leaving Cert examinations.

Accessing your results

Results are issued to your school (or directly to external candidates). Most schools will be handing out results around 9.30 tomorrow morning but check with your own school to confirm the exact time.  You also have the option of accessing your results online using the New Student Self-Service Portal.  Students have been encouraged to register with the new portal and those that have can go on line from 10am on Tuesday 13th August and can get their results. Students will need their username and password which they receive after they register on the portal, so students should make sure they have these on hand.

The Leaving Cert results are also sent to the Central Applications Office (CAO) for the college course offers process which begins on Thursday 15th.

This should mean that students will be able to access their results and CAO offers much faster, and the appeals process will be much quicker too.

:  While candidates can access their results online, it is still recommended that if you can you collect your results from your school and avail of the valuable service and advice provided there at results time.

There is only a two-day wait between CAO results and CAO first round offers this year.  All 2019 CAO first round points will be available from 2pm on Thursday 15th August here on our CourseFinder. 


How do I calculate my CAO Points?

For those who have applied for a college place through the CAO application process, the next step is to calculate your CAO points score. 

In the excitement of the moment, it is easy to get that score wrong! Don't risk causing yourself and your parents' unnecessary anxiety - use a CAO Points calculator to take the stress out of it. To calculate your result you use your best six scores achieved across the subjects you took. 

Check your CAO points here using our online CAO Points Calculator

Get the app here.

How do I Calculate my CAO Points if I did LCVP?

If you did the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) and your score for that module is better than your lowest of the six scores, you can include the LCVP score instead. Choose the LCVP tab on the points calculator.

How do I work out the bonus points for Honours Maths?

If you got at least a grade H6 in higher-level maths, 25 bonus points are automatically attached to the points value for the grade you achieved e.g. H6 = 46+25 = 71 points. It is only included in your CAO points if it is one of your top 6 scores. 

I'm disappointed with my results - what can I do?

If your results are not what you anticipated, you have the option of viewing your marked scripts and requesting an appeal. Let's say a particular grade falls below your expectations, students can use the online portal to apply to view their scripts, access their component marks, ie orals and written coursework, and view their scripts in subjects that are being marked online this year.  This application to view exam scripts must be made online through the self-service portal. There is no charge for this. If you then wish to do so, you can appeal the result using the online portal which will also give you access to the appeal results.

In order to speed up the Leaving Cert appeals process this year, there are strict deadlines for applying to view scripts and for appealing results so its important students make a note of cut-off points.

Please Note: students must be registered to access any of these services, and applications to view scripts, viewing online scripts, appeal applications and appeal results will only be available through the on line portal once a students is registered.

Remember that even if the results didn't go the way you had hoped, there are still a lot of options available to you. You might find these links helpful.

Options Outside the CAO
How to Cope with a Disappointing Leaving Cert

How do I apply to view my exam scripts?

This Appeals facility Will be open at 9am on Wednesday, August 14. It closes at 5pm on August 16. If you apply to view your scripts, you will be assigned to one of three sessions:

Tuesday, August 20 between 5 pm and 8pm
Wednesday, August 21 between 9 am and 12pm
Wednesday, August 21 between 2 pm and 5pm

[For detailed information see the Leaving Certificate Candidate Information Booklet 2019 available here]


The Leaving Certificate results will be followed on Thursday 15th August with the CAO Round 1 course offers. With your points score calculated, you can now check it against the courses you listed on your CAO application to get an idea of what you may be offered. Use the CourseFinder for convenience.

The points requirements for last year (2018) are currently listed on the CourseFinder [see image below]. Use these as a guide to give you an indication of which courses you may be offered in CAO Round 1. Then, watch this space for details of changes in the points for 2019 college courses in anticipation of CAO offers. 2019 points will be available here from 2pm on Thursday 15th August.


Neither CAO officials or college admissions officers know the exact points required to secure a college place in this round until that date.

In some courses where there are more applicants on the same points than there are places on offer, the CAO computer generates a random number for each of the applicants. Those holding the highest numbers numerically will be offered the available places. Where this occurs, an asterisk (*) appears beside the points score for the course concerned.

Accessing and accepting your CAO offer
Offers will be issued using the candidates' online profiles. Candidates will need their individual CAO number to log into their profile. Successful candidates will also receive an email and an SMS text message notifying them of their offer.

If you accept an offer online you will receive an acknowledgment e-mail and you can check your acceptance has been recorded online at www.cao.ie.

CAO Round 1 Offers will be released online at 2pm on Thursday the 15th of August. Candidates will then have until the 23rd of August to reply to the 1st round offer.

Round 2
Offers will be released on Wednesday the 28th of August and candidates will have until Friday the 30th of August to accept the offer.

Round 3 Offers will be released on Thursday the 5th of September and candidates will have until Wednesday the 11th of September to accept this offer.

Note: Students whose results are brought up on appeal and satisfy the entry requirements for their chosen course will receive an offer if there are places left on that course. If all of the places have already been allocated, then students will receive a deferral for the following academic year.

To find out more about how the CAO offer system works click here.
See all CAO Key Dates here.


Individual colleges (not the CAO), deal with requests for deferrals of college places. To defer the place offered, you must write to the college immediately, stating your reason for requesting a deferral. To find out the procedure for deferring a place please see page 20 of the CAO handbook or click here.

Later offers

If you accept a CAO offer on Thursday, you will not disqualify yourself from an offer higher up on your list. Students are entitled to be offered any place that becomes available higher up their order of preference on either their Level 7 or 8 choices. Whether you have accepted a place on another course or not is irrelevant – you will be offered the new place anyway. If you choose to accept the new offer, any registration fees you paid to the first college will be transferred to the second one.

Available Places List

Where all qualified applicants to the CAO have accepted their offers and not all places on particular programmes have been taken up, or if a college has offered a new course since 1st July, these places are published on the CAO available places list.

Note: Applicants must still meet the minimum entry requirements before putting an available course or new course onto their existing CAO choice list.

To find out more about Available/Vacant Places click here.

Course Fees

No payment is required for acceptance of a CAO course place offer. The college concerned will send out any bills for tuition fees separately. All inquiries about fees should be directed to the fees office of the college offering the course place, not to the CAO. Students will be required to pay charges on registration day at their college.

Leaving Cert Result appeals and course offers

Leaving Cert appeal results will be issued in mid-September this year, three weeks earlier than in years gone by.

Where a student successfully appeals their Leaving Cert exam grade, the State Examinations Commission (SEC) will automatically notify the CAO of any change in grade made. The student will then be contacted regarding any new offer of a course that the upgrade has entitled them to.

If you want to accept the new place offered, but cannot get onto the programme this year, you have the option of accepting the place as a deferred entry place for next year. To find out more click here.

Deferred-entry students must apply to the CAO again by 1st February 2020. The deferred course should then be placed as your only choice on the application form in 2020, in order to take up the original place offer.

Helplines  For the first week following the issue of Leaving Cert results, the SEC operates a helpline to allow schools to resolve any problem with your provisional results as quickly as possible.  Each year the National Parent’s Council (Post-Primary) in association with the Department of Education and Skills,  the Irish Independent and supported by the GAA and manned by the Institute of Guidance Counsellors also organises a valuable helpline, providing advice and guidance for students and parents. The helpline is staffed by professional guidance counsellors for one week following the issue of the exam results. The NPCpp also provide a helpline for one week following the issue of the CAO offers.

The Freephone number for both helplines is 1800 265 165.

For general enquiries, the National Parent’s Council (Post- Primary) number is (01) 8302740.

The Irish Times free, online exam helpdesk is available from 9am to 6pm each day from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th August. The helpdesk will answer any questions from parents and teens about the implications that the 2019 Leaving Cert results might have for them. You can access the helpdesk here.

The CareersPortal Team

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