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A career in Tourism & Hospitality

Wide range of opportunities available to school leavers and graduates in Tourism & Hospitality industry.

A career in Tourism & Hospitality

The Tourism & Hospitality sector offers a diverse range of opportunities to school leavers and graduates each year. Businesses within the sector offer up to 6,000 entry-level job opportunities annually. Since 2011, over 94,000 jobs have been created in the industry. Today, the sector supports over a quarter of a million jobs, amounting to about 11% of Ireland's total employment. With such large scale recruitment, the Tourism & Hospitality sector is definitely worth jobseekers' consideration.

Given that the industry sustains such a high level of employment, it is unsurprising that there are many different roles to choose from within the sector. Some of the areas where employers are hiring include accommodation services, food & beverages, leisure management, sales & marketing, IT, human resources, and finance.

Michael Lennon, President of the Irish Hotels Federation, emphasised the high number of opportunities available to graduates and school leavers in the industry. He added that there are options to suit different career paths and alluded to the culinary "earn and learn" programmes, which are the Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, and Commis Chef apprenticeships. These programmes give candidates the opportunity to work towards a qualification while building up work experience and earning an apprentice salary. Learn more about these in our Apprenticeships area.

The Irish Hotels Federation has created a website dedicated to providing a comprehensive view of careers in the tourism industry. Get a Life in Tourism features information on career options, education pathways, career videos, and you call also subscribe to the Get a Life in Tourism magazine.

The tourism sector amassed €9.42 billion in revenue in 2018, and almost €2 billion of this came from domestic tourism alone. With the industry thriving and so many opportunities available, it's definitely worth looking into a career in Tourism and Hospitality!

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