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Irish Rail now recruiting Train Drivers

Online applications process will close 14th January 2019

Irish Rail has launched its first external recruitment process for train drivers. Over the next five years the company is looking to hire 100 drivers in total and is keen to recruit more females to fill the roles. 

As a Train Driver your duty will be to deliver safe, customer-focused journeys, with scope to continue on to future roles in supervisory and management positions.

Candidates must be willing to work various shift patterns, including weekend work, between 39-48 hours a week. The salary scale can reach a maximum of €57k per annum.

Successful candidates will develop operational knowledge prior to qualification as part of the Train Driver Training programme.

Applicants must meet European Train Driver Licensing requirements with a minimum of 9 years full time education and must be over the age of 20. 

Successful candidates must have the following attributes:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Calm in an Emergency
  • Follow Rules and Procedures
  • Conscientious
  • Customer Focus
  • Achievement Orientation

There will be a number of phases in the selection process. This will include initial online application, assessment centres, competency-based interview, rigorous medical and safety reference checking.

Online applications process will close 14th January 2019

Click here for full details. 

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