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Ireland Skills Live 2019

21 -23rd March RDS Simmonscourt

Ireland Skills Live 2019

21-23 March 2019, RDS, Simmonscourt Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh said he was delighted to support Ireland Skills Live, an initiative that supports the Government’s strategy on skills and apprenticeships, and he urged everyone involved in the field to support it. ​

“This new vibrant event will completely modernise the apprenticeship, bringing it into the 21st century and public consciousness,” Minister McHugh said. “It is so important to engage not just with the students but also their parents and teachers; Ireland Skills Live will afford that perfect opportunity and it will offer real alternatives and life choices to students.

“There can be no stronger way to highlight career opportunities than to experience the national skills finals first-hand and listen to some of our most successful business people talk about how they started out, as young apprentices, to become industry leaders and champions.

“They are the inspiration for the next generation of workers and I want young people to use Ireland Skills Live to learn how to a leaf from their book.” While it’s no secret that there is a serious skills shortage in Ireland right now, the solution is a little harder to recognise.

What Ireland Skills Live 2019 will do, in an exciting and dynamic way, is to tackle head on the negative perceptions students, their parents, and in some cases their teachers and career advisers have about apprenticeships or skills as a future career pathway.

Negative perceptions range from poor pay, poor working conditions to a lack of job satisfaction. ​ There can be nothing more empowering than a real face to face opportunity allowing students, parents and teachers to experience the realities that so many of our apprenticeships and skills can offer today.

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