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We asked Sinead Lew from Irish Tax Institute to give some advice for people considering this job:


Sinead Lew

Tax Manager

Irish Tax Institute

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  Sinead Lew
I thought the job would solely be to compute an individualís / companyís tax liability but it extends to so much more beyond that. You are not just solely a person or organisationís tax advisor; you are a general business adviser helping them to make key business/commercial decisions.

The Linguistic's interests are usually focused on ideas and information exchange. They tend to like reading a lot, and enjoy discussion about what has been said. Some will want to write about their own ideas and may follow a path towards journalism, or story writing or editing. Others will develop skills in other languages, perhaps finding work as a translator or interpreter. Most Linguistic types will enjoy the opportunity to teach or instruct people in a topic they are interested in.
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Multimedia Project Manager

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€28k > 60 
Multimedia Project Manager
Salary Range
(thousands per year)*
€28 - 60 
Related Information:
Entrant: 28 - 35
Experienced: 40 - 60
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Last Updated: March, 2013

* The lower figures typically reflect starting salaries. Higher salaries are awarded to those with greater experience and responsibility. Positions in Dublin sometimes command higher salaries.
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Project management is essentially the co-ordination of resources towards the finishing of projects.

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Multimedia is the communication of information using a variety of media, for example words, sounds, images, interactive graphics, modelling and web design.  
A Project Manager co-ordinates and controls the combined efforts of a team of multimedia/systems designers, programmers, writers and support personnel.  
Project Managers oversee the entire running and successful completion of the project at hand. This involves liasing with each person involved in the completion of the project including customers or clients who may have ordered the product or service that the team is working on. The number of staff reporting to a Project Manager on a development project varies, depending on the size of the project.  
The Project Manager budgets for personnel requirements and other direct costs. This cost analysis is discussed with the client company before agreement is reached and final contracts are signed.  
The Project Manager has responsibility for various tasks, including: establishing clear targets and timescales to implement the requirements within budget and quality parameters; administration of the project, assessing production against targets, liaising with the client and, if necessary, refining processes.  
He/she makes decisions on content, informs others and is well informed of all aspects of the project. It is up to the Project Manager to ensure design quality and consistency. Project Managers can work long hours, particularly when a deadline is approaching or problems are encountered.  
The Project Manager can often be considered the producer of the multimedia product and as such the role has more in common with a video/film producer than with a Project Manager in the software industry. A Project Managers' work can be very varied and unstructured.


Personal Qualitiesheader image

The Project Manager must have all round experience in multimedia product development and be highly qualified in the IT and multimedia spectrum.  
The successful Project Manager must have the ability to manage the project team of people from diverse backgrounds, to achieve project objectives on time and successfully. Therefore, they need to be people oriented and have skills in communicating, listening, understanding and motivating staff.  
Project Managers also need to be flexible, act quickly when the need arises, and have sound business and administrative skills. This is very much a producer/managerial rather than a technical post.  
Experience in business and administration, co-ordinating people and other resources are most valuable. Experience gained from working in previous project teams before moving up to a management position is a requirement in order to become a successful and efficient project manager.

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