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Labour Market Information

Employers in Ireland report difficulties in recruiting staff for the following occupations. This information is derived from the EGFSN (Expert Group on Future Skills Needs) along with current media reports. Many of these occupations are also expected to remain in demand for the coming few years.

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Labour Market Comments
Career Interests: A E I

Analyses financial information and prepares financial reports to determine or maintain a record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organisation.

Career Interests: I R S

A fully qualified medical doctor who specialises in preventing patients from feeling pain whilst they undergo surgery and other medical procedures.

Career Interests: C I 

Brings animation and cartoons to life on both film and video following a pre-planned storyboard. They use drawing, modelling or computer graphics to make pictures and models come to life in order to entertain and/or inform people.

Career Interests: I R A

Engaged in the design, development and implementation of sensor and robotic systems for applications the technology sector.

Career Interests: C E S

Barbers cut hair, trim beards and provide other hair care services, generally for male clients.

Career Interests: N I R

Studies the chemistry of animals and plants and analyses their cells and tissues.

Career Interests: E R A

Supervise, control and co-ordinate the construction of building, civil engineering, engineering and architectural projects on-site.

Career Interests: A E S

Provides objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximising growth or improving the business performance of their clients.

Career Interests: N R E

The wholesale butcher works with beef, lamb and pork and prepares it for sale to retail butchers, restaurants, hotels and caterers.

Career Interests: E A 

Call centre operators may sell goods or services over the phone but can also advise customers about company products, conduct market research or deal with complaints.

Career Interests: S R A

Assists adults with daily living activities at the person's home or in a daytime non-residential facility.

Career Interests: R A I

The craft of carpentry and joinery is varied. It includes setting out, production and assembly of joinery such as stairs, doors, windows, floors and built-in furniture.

Career Interests: N E C

Works in a kitchen preparing food, organising supplies and supervising staff.

Career Interests: I R A

Researches, designs and plans the processes involved in the production of chemicals.

Career Interests: R A 

Chemical plant process technicians monitor the equipment and machinery used to make chemical products including colourants like dyes and paints, drugs and medicines and fertilisers.

Career Interests: I R A

Researches and analyses the content and structure of chemical substances.

Career Interests: R I A

Works on the design and construction of structures like bridges, roads and railways.

Career Interests: R I A

Computer support specialists offer telephone, email or web-based support to people who are having problems with computer hardware or software.

Career Interests: R A I

Operates a crane to lift heavy loads on a building site or in a factory.

Career Interests: E S A

Responsible for dealing with customer queries and complaints, and ensuring fare trading between a customer and a company.

Career Interests: I A R

Performs analysis of data and works out how the findings of the analysis can best be applied to profit the business.

Career Interests: I R A

Uses strong business acumen, coupled with an ability to communicate data findings to influence how an organisation approaches business challenges.

Career Interests: A I 

Monitor, maintain and administer computer databases, ensuring that they are secure, the data can be retrieved, the database is user friendly and the data is consistent.

Career Interests: R I C

Works on the technical design of new products, selecting materials, researching manufacturing processes, testing prototypes etc.

Career Interests: E S A

An executive marketing role with a special focus on online and mobile campaigns.

Career Interests: I S R

A fully qualified medical doctor who specialises in examing, treating and advising sick people in a local GP surgery, or in a hospital setting.

Career Interests: I R A

Works in industrial, commercial and domestic environments designing, installing and testing electrical hardware.

Career Interests: R I A

Installs, services, maintains and repairs electrical wiring and connects to power in all type of buildings from domestic to industrial.

Career Interests: N R 

Owns or works on a dairy farm carrying out the day to day duties involved in managing a dairy herd.

Career Interests: A I E

Searches for trends in stock markets, and decides where to invest funds to minimise risk and maximise profit.

Career Interests: R A I

Repairs, services and maintains industrial machinery.

Career Interests: R A 

Operates a forklift truck transporting heavy goods to and from difficult places.

Career Interests: S I R

Works in a hospital or clinic caring for patients and assisting doctors and surgeons with their treatment.

Career Interests: R A 

Cuts and fits glass. They measure the area that needs glazing, cut or trim the glass, and then fix the glass into place.

Career Interests: R A 

Responsible for the delivery and collection of goods throughout Ireland, the UK and on the continent.

Career Interests: I R A

Designs and develops solutions to complex computer applications problems, system administration issues, or networks.

Career Interests: I E S

Manages computer systems within an organisation and handles any problems that arise.

Career Interests: E A 

Organises and plans the movement of products and materials from suppliers to customers.

Career Interests: R A 

Helps to design, develop and improve the systems that convert raw materials into finished products.

Career Interests: E L C

Supervises and plans a market strategy for a company's product or service.

Career Interests: I R A

Performs engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment.

Career Interests: I E S

A fully qualified medical doctor who specialises in treating sick children and new-born babies.

Career Interests: S I R

Administers first-aid treatment and life-support care to sick or injured persons in pre-hospital settings.

Career Interests: R A I

A Polymer (or Plastics) technician works in the in the manufacturing sector in a range of industries. 

Career Interests: I R 

Develop economical industrial processes that make the huge range of products on which modern society depends, e.g: food and drink; fuel; artificial fibres; pharmaceuticals; chemicals; electronics, plastics; and clean water.

Career Interests: I A R

Checks and tests materials and finished goods towards ensuring that they meet production standards.

Career Interests: I R A

Designs, installs, and evaluates quality assurance systems, procedures, and measuring techniques

Career Interests: A E 

Calculates the cost of building projects, taking into account labour, materials, taxes and maintenance costs.

Career Interests: R S 

Specialist trained in the use of radiological equipment, including X-ray, CT and MRI scans to take pictures of parts of the body where illness or injury is known or suspected.

Career Interests: R A S

Deliver doses of X-rays and other ionising radiation to patients, most of whom are suffering from various forms of cancer.

Career Interests: E S A

Sells a company's products and services to other companies, associations and the general public.

Career Interests: R  

Builds scaffolding structure on building sites and at outdoor events using metal pipes and poles.

Career Interests: R A 

Works as part of a building site management team, performing a technical, organisational and supervisory roles on projects such as civil, road, rail and other infrastructure projects.

Career Interests: I R A

Develops, creates, and modifies general computer applications software or specialised utility programs.

Career Interests: N R C

The second in command after the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen

Career Interests: R I 

Works with steel bars and stirrups required in the preparation of the steel cages used for reinforced concrete.

Career Interests: I A E

Works to improve, predict and enhance supply chain processes in areas such as manufacturing, retailing and logistics.

Career Interests: S C E

Prepares lessons and teaches teenagers in a secondary school or college classroom.

Career Interests: I R A

Completes or oversees all the calibration and testing of the various instruments and pieces of equipment used in the lab for measuring, weighing and processing raw and refined materials

Career Interests: I A R

Involved in the planning, monitoring and control of the testing activities and tasks of a team, in the life cycle of a software development project.

Career Interests: R I A

Make special tools for use in factories and workshops using precision machinery.

Career Interests: A I C

Works on the design, layout and coding required to build and maintain a website.

Career Interests: R  

Welders join pieces of metal together by using intense heat.