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Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.

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Career Interests: A R 
Leaving Certificate + Further training

Responsible for keeping the bedrooms and public areas clean and perfectly maintained, and for the running of the laundry in hotels, cruise ships and other hospitality venues. 

Career Interests: A E I
Leaving Certificate plus professional award

Analyses financial information and prepares financial reports to determine or maintain a record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities within an organisation.

Career Interests: A E 
Level 6 Cert + Professional qualification

Prepares and provides financial records and information for both accountants and financial managers.

Career Interests: A E 
Career Interests: A E 
Leaving Certificate plus Professional award (PLC or Level 7 Ordinary Degree level courses).

Responsible for the daily processing of invoices and other financial transactions.

Career Interests: A S 
Level 6 Cert or greater

Ensures the smooth operation and control of the accounts, including expenses and general ledger systems.

Career Interests: A E S
Level 6 Cert or greater

Assists in the management, prioritisation and allocation of work as leader of an Accounts Department.

Career Interests: I R 
Honours Degree (Level 8) in Engineering. specifically Electronic Engineering.

Advises on the management, regulation and control of the noises and vibrations that surround us in the home, the workplace and the environment.

Career Interests: C L E
No formal education requirements.

Acts the part of a character in plays productions and advertisements for film, TV, radio and theatre.

Career Interests: A I E
<p>Level 8 Honours Degree that involves maths as a major subject plus Professional body award.</p>

Uses mathematical and statistical methods to assess financial probabilities for projects found mainly in the insurance industry.

Career Interests: S R I
Leaving Certificate plus Holistic medical qualification.

Treats people who are sick by inserting needles into special areas of the body to relieve pain and sickness.

Career Interests: L A S

A permanent official working in the Institutions of the EU, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Court of Justice.

Career Interests: A E 
Career Interests: E C A
Leaving Certificate plus professional award

Creates an advertising campaign for a client. Work involves marketing and packaging of products, market research, exhibitions and public relations services.

Career Interests: E C A
Level 7/8 Degree + professional qualifications

Works as the link between an advertising agency and the client. They find out about the client's advertising goals, and then organise the advertising department or agency's creative and planning staff to produce effective campaigns.

Career Interests: E C L
Level 6 Cert or greater

Spend their time brainstorming, planning and arranging ideas for new advertisements.

Career Interests: L C E
Level 7/8 Degree in an area such as PR. Communications . English literature. Media.

Produce the written words or 'copy' for advertisements. This could be anything from slogans and text for printed ads and leaflets, to radio jingles and scripts for TV commercials.

Career Interests: E C A

Sell advertising space and time for newspapers, magazines, websites and on radio and television.

Career Interests: A I S
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

Provide free, confidential and impartial advice to clients on their rights in a range of legal, financial, social, employment and general consumer issues.

Career Interests: R  

Plan and install aerials, satellite and digital dishes to provide signals for individual homes, or buildings such as hotels and flats

Career Interests: I R 
Engineering Degree

Employed in the designing, testing and making of aircraft engines and other such aeronautical productions.

Career Interests: N I A
A Degree in agriculture with work experience.

Supervises departmental staff and monitors the implementation of various Government schemes relating to Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Career Interests: R N I

Focused on improving farm productivity through the development and maintenance of farm machinery and the design of agricultural systems and infrastructure.

Career Interests: R A I

Works for government agencies to ensure that traders, farmers and agribusinesses comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Career Interests: R I 

Specialises in identifying faults, repairing, overhauling and maintaining farm tractors and farm machinery.

Career Interests: R I 
Career Interests: A N 
Leaving Certificate + professional award (i.e. Teagasc) or 3rd level qualification in Agriculture.

Carries out various functions related to services and schemes operated by the Department of Agriculture in addition to operating controls relating to animal welfare, public health, animal health and EU payment schemes.

Career Interests: N I C
<p>Level 7 Degree or greater.</p>

Conducts research and studies the various ways crops and plants can be cultivated, genetically altered, towards improved production and yield.

Career Interests: R I A

Supports technical work with farm machinery in a wide variety of areas, including the development and testing of new products for the farming industry, service engineering to install, repair and maintain equipment.

Career Interests: S  
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

Aid workers typically operate in front line conditions, facilitating the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to people who have been hit by human or natural disasters.

Career Interests: R I 
Junior/Leaving Certificate

Employed by the Irish Air Corps to learn a specialist skill or trade relevant to the efficient running of the Corps.

Career Interests: R I 
Leaving Certificate. Many successful applicants are degree holders.

Enlists in the Air Corps to train as a pilot flying both conventional and combat aircraft.

Career Interests: A R E
Leaving Certificate plus 2 years training with the Irish Aviation Authority

Is the traffic warden of the skies, responsible for co-ordinating and directing aircraft along flight paths.

Career Interests: R I 
Level 6 Cert or greater

Performs repairs, safety checks and maintenance on aircraft.

Career Interests: R I 
Career Interests: S E A
Leaving Certificate

Looks after the care, comfort and safety of airline passengers. They demonstrate safety procedures, prepare food, serve meals and drinks, as well as sell goods during the flight.

Career Interests: R I E
Leaving Certificate and extensive interview and aptitude testing.

Flies a passenger aircraft, supervising crew, operating and monitoring flight controls.

Career Interests: R  

They are responsible for checking luggage against flight lists and taking it to the aircraft or to the reclaim conveyor belt.

Career Interests: A S 
No formal education requirements.

Supervises passengers on arrival at an airline check-in desk.

Career Interests: A S 

Provides information for passengers and the general public at an airport information desk.

Career Interests: R S 

Drivers providing the routine, non-emergency transport of patients, who are often older adults or people with disabilities, to and from hospitals.

Career Interests: I R S
Degree in Medicine

A fully qualified medical doctor who specialises in preventing patients from feeling pain whilst they undergo surgery and other medical procedures.

Career Interests: I R A
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

Analytical Chemists study the exact chemical composition of natural and artificial materials.

Career Interests: R I A
Level 7 Ordinary Degree
Provides support for pathologists (specialist doctors) during post-mortem examinations. These exams aim to identify the cause of death, and involve analysing and dissecting the deceased.
Career Interests: N R 

Do you love working with animals? Animal breeders apply their knowledge of genetics and love of animals to the breeding of animals.

Career Interests: R S I

Looks after and breeds laboratory animals used in medical, veterinary and dental research.

Career Interests: N R 

Animal Nutritionists look after the food of animals, ensuring they recieve a healthy, balanced diet that enhances the animals well-being.

Career Interests: C I 
Level 6 Cert or greater

Brings animation and cartoons to life on both film and video following a pre-planned storyboard. They use drawing, modelling or computer graphics to make pictures and models come to life in order to entertain and/or inform people.

Career Interests: I N S

Studies humans past and present, towards better understanding people and society.

Career Interests: A R E
No formal education requirements. This is often viewed as a second career.
Antique Dealers purchase and sell old collectible items which are valued because of their artistic value, rarity, condition, or age.
Career Interests: R I 

Works on a commercial honey farm looking after hives of bees where honey is made, collected and sold.

Career Interests: C I A
Level 5 or 6 award along with on-the-job training required

Designs and creates an app for just about any computing device, from desktop computers to mobile devices. Once the app exists, the developer will help test it and correct any bugs prior to the launch of the app.

Career Interests: N  
Career Interests: I R N
Degree or higher

Searches for knowledge of the past by studying and digging for ancient artifacts.

Career Interests: C R I
Degree + Professional award

Designs, plans and directs the construction of buildings of all kinds and sizes, and changes to existing buildings.

Career Interests: C R I

A fully qualifed Architect skilled in the principles and practice of the Conservation of old buildings and heritage sites.

Career Interests: C R I
Leaving Certificate plus third level qualification

Plays a coordinating role in the technical design elements at the centre of the building design process.

Career Interests: A I 
Degree + Postgraduate qualification
Organise archival records and develop classification systems to facilitate access to archival material.
Career Interests: E A S
Degree plus experience as a Sales Manager

In charge of a team of sales managers in a particular district or region.

Career Interests: R  
No formal education requirements. however age and height restrictions

Employed by the Irish Army to learn a specialist skill or trade relevant to the efficient running of the army.

Career Interests: R E 
Leaving Certificate + on the job training

An Army Cadet trains to join the commissioned ranks as an Army officer, who essentially is the leader within the PDF. They provide leadership and management within the camp.

Career Interests: R  
No formal education requirements.

Enlists in the Irish Army to train as a soldier.

Career Interests: S I C
Leaving Cert plus job specific training in specialist colleges. For example ITEC (Irish Training and

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine which uses essential oils, scents and smells to improve a patient's mood or health.

Career Interests: S C E
Level 7/8 Degree + further professional qualification

A counsellor who specialises with art as a medium of expression.


Career Interests: C R 
No formal education required. Many artists have related training at third level

Creates pieces of art such as paintings, sculptures, mosaics, or photography.

Career Interests: C A S

Responsible for the day-to-day running of arts and cultural organisations

Career Interests: E A S
Level 6/7 Degree

Arts agents/promoters work to create and maintain contacts, for example gaining media coverage and exhibitions in galleries, to promote an artist and their work.

Career Interests: A R L
Leaving Cert or greater

Assistants in the EU work in supporting roles and are crucial for the internal management of the EU institutions.

Career Interests: A S I
Leaving Certificate + professional qualification

Processes planning applications and all related matters and records progress and deals with enquiries.

Career Interests: R A I
Degree + further training.

Commands or pilots a spacecraft, or serves as a crew member during a space mission.

Career Interests: I C R
Level 9 Award in related subject area: MSc postgraduate courses in astronomy or physics would normal

Astronomers research stars, planets and the universe. They study and analyse maps, space, and the universe at large, using information from telescopes and satellites.

Career Interests: I R A
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree in related field

Investigates atmospheric phenomena and interprets meteorological data gathered by surface and air stations, satellites, and radar to prepare reports and forecasts for public and other uses.

Career Interests: S A 

Responsible for the security of the collection in a gallery or museum, as well as for the safety of the public and assisting visitors.

Career Interests: S C 

An Au Pair works in a private home, assisting parents (or a lone parent, guardian or carer) in the daily care of the children and the house.

Career Interests: E A S
Level 6 Cert or greater
Assesses the value of property and arranges for sale by auction.
Career Interests: E A S
Career Interests: I S R
Level 8 Honours Degree in medicine + professional qualifications

Specially qualified professional who measures hearing, diagnoses and advises on the management of hearing disorders, and supplies and fits hearing aids and other hearing devices to suit individual needs. Otherwise known as a Hearing Technician.

Career Interests: A E I
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

An Auditor is a Professional Accountant who has undergone further post qualification training.

Career Interests: A I L

Examines and inspects internal and external financial management processes in the EU

Career Interests: R I A

Find and diagnose faults in the electrical wiring and electrical/electronic parts of motor vehicles.

Career Interests: I R A
<p>Level 7 Degree or greater.</p>

Engaged in the design, development and implementation of sensor and robotic systems for applications the technology sector.

Career Interests: R I 
Engineering Degree

Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering which incorporates mechanical, electrical, electric and safety elements.

Career Interests: N R A
Career Interests: N R A
Junior/Leaving Certificate + Cert or Diploma

Bakes and decorates bread and confectionery of all kinds.

Career Interests: R C 
No formal education requirements.
Assists with the technical set-up of a rock or pop band when they are on tour.
Career Interests: A E 
Most managers would have third level qualifications

Plans, directs and co-ordinate activities of workers in bank/financial setting. Establish and maintain relationships with clients, oversees the flow of cash and financial instruments.

Career Interests: A E S
Leaving Certificate + on the job experience. Third level qualifications are frequently required.

Works behind the counter at a bank branch performing general banking duties. Sometimes referred to as a "Cashier".

Career Interests: E R S
Career Interests: E R S
Leaving Certificate + Relevant experience

Responsible for the entire operation of the bar including stock, cash, recruiting and training staff. 

Career Interests: E I L
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

Represents people in court of law by stating their case before a judge and jury.

Career Interests: R S A
No formal education requirements (apprenticeship training through Failte Ireland desirable)

Attends to the serving of drinks in public houses, lounges, hotels and leisure centres.

Career Interests: S N L

Host to students attending Irish College in Gaeltacht areas.

Career Interests: C S E
Leaving Certificate + PLC
Offers both face and body beauty treatments to clients and advises them on beauty care.
Career Interests: C E S

Sells cosmetics and other beauty preparations and advise customers on how to use these products.

Career Interests: C E S

Provides and applies a range of cosmetic treatments and advice to improve the appearance and general well-being of their client.

Career Interests: E A 
Manages a Betting Shop that is licensed to take bets from customers on sporting events such as horse races, greyhound races and football matches.
Career Interests: A L 
Level 6 Cert or greater

Translates, writes and interprets foreign language documents in an office environment.

Career Interests: I A 

Works with the collection and analysis of massive amounts of data obtained from computer and internet users.

Career Interests: R  

Fix adverts or posters on to billboards, hoardings and mounted display units as well as digital displays and smaller adverts in public places and bus shelters.

Career Interests: E R I

Building Information Modelling (BIM) professionals are experts in different areas of BIM and the built environment.