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Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.

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Career Interests: A I S
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

Provide free, confidential and impartial advice to clients on their rights in a range of legal, financial, social, employment and general consumer issues.

Career Interests: S  
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

Aid workers typically operate in front line conditions, facilitating the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to people who have been hit by human or natural disasters.

Career Interests: R S 

Drivers providing the routine, non-emergency transport of patients, who are often older adults or people with disabilities, to and from hospitals.

Career Interests: S C E
Level 7/8 Degree + further professional qualification

A counsellor who specialises with art as a medium of expression.


Career Interests: S C 

An Au Pair works in a private home, assisting parents (or a lone parent, guardian or carer) in the daily care of the children and the house.

Career Interests: S R A

Care assistants provide basic personal care and social care to children and young people in a number of settings, including special schools, day centres and residential homes.

Career Interests: S R A
No formal qualifications. Evidence of relevant experience required.

Assists adults with daily living activities at the person's home or in a daytime non-residential facility.

Career Interests: S C I
Level 8 Honours Degree is expected. No set study area specified.

Works in 3rd level colleges and universities providing information and guidance to students considering educational progression or into employment.

Career Interests: E S A
Formal education not essential. though many entrants will have a degree

The title applies to various roles within charity work. The number of positions and nature of charity officer roles can differ greatly depending on the size of the organisations; some large charities require charity officers specialising in specific areas, for example marketing, fundraising, finance, public relations, or project/volunteer management.

Career Interests: S R C
Junior Certificate plus further qualifications recommended. Garda clearance is required.

Assists with the care of children in a variety of childcare settings.

Career Interests: S E A
No formal education requirements.

Serve their religious community by leading acts of worship and preaching their faith.

Career Interests: I S A

Applies psychological theories and the scientific study of behaviour, to help people with a wide range of mental, developmental and physical health problems.

Career Interests: S A 
<p>Level 7 Degree or greater.</p>

Works with individuals, families or whole communities to empower them to improve their lives.

Career Interests: S A R

Community education projects focus on promoting learning and educational support within local communities to encourage both individual and community development.

Career Interests: S I E

Community Resource workers provide a range of services to people with visual impairments supporting their practical and emotional skills.

Career Interests: S A E
No formal education required. although degrees or other qualifications in areas such as social work.

Works to ensure that individuals receive any social welfare benefits to which they are entitled.

Career Interests: S A 
No formal education requirements.
Works on behalf of a political representative, liaises between representative and constituents and their communities on day to day issues.
Career Interests: S I C
Minimum 2 Years professional training - most counsellors have Level 7 or greater awards
Listens to, supports and tries to help people as they sort out their personal issues.
Career Interests: S A C
Leaving Certificate + Further Training. For example FETAC Level 5 Award in Childcare is usually the
Provides a day care service for parents with young children or babies.
Career Interests: I S C
Psychology Degree + Postgraduate award

Investigates processes of learning and teaching, and develops psychological principles and techniques applicable to educational problems.

Career Interests: S E A
Level 7/8 Degree in Law or Social Science

Works to ensure there is no discrimination regarding access to employment, education, training opportunities or service for any groups of people such as women, older people or ethnic minorities.

Career Interests: E S A
No formal education requirements

Perform necessary tasks to arrange and direct funeral services, such as coordinating transportation of body to mortuary, liaising with family or other authorised persons to arrange details such as officials for religious rites, and providing transportation for mourners.

Career Interests: S I R
<p>Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree</p>

Works in a hospital or clinic caring for patients and assisting doctors and surgeons with their treatment.

Career Interests: S I C
Level 8 Honours Degree + further professional qualification in Guidance and Counselling.

Offers information and guidance on education, training and work opportunities in environments such as VTOS, adult literacy and community education.

Career Interests: S C E
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree + Postgrad award

Guides and advises young people as they make their career choices.

Career Interests: S E 
Level 7 Ordinary Bachelors Degree in related subject

Also known as Health Promotion Officer. Encourages and helps people to live a healthy lifestyle and value their well-being.

Career Interests: S R 

Home help assistants work with people who, perhaps through illness, a physical or learning disability or a mental health problem, need support to cope within their own home.

Career Interests: S A E

Home help organisers manage the delivery of home help support to people who, because of a disability, frailty or emergency situation, need help to maintain themselves in their own homes.

Career Interests: S A C

Supports the day to day work of the adult education guidance service by providing up-to-date, user-friendly, accurate and relevant information and advice to enquiries. 

Career Interests: S I R
<p>Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree</p>

Tends to the special needs of people with intellectual disabilities, working in either residential or community services.

Career Interests: S C I

Uses music to help people with physical, mental, emotional and physiological difficulties to express themselves and to develop their potential.

Career Interests: S C E
Leaving Cert/ Junior Cert

Works in private homes caring for their employers' children.

Career Interests: I S N
Honours Bachelors Degree and further Post Graduate Award
Administers alternative forms healthcare to patients.

Career Interests: S A 

Provides care and education for children up to eight years old, planning and supervising play and work activities to help the children to learn and develop.

Career Interests: S R A

Works within a hospital or community setting under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

Career Interests: N I S
Science Degree

Advises on the nutritional and dietetic value and content of food products and may be involved in planning and implementation of therapeutic diets.

Career Interests: I E C

Applies the principles of psychology to human resources, administration, management, sales, and marketing problems in an organisation.

Career Interests: S R I
Level 8 Honours Degree (B.Sc in Occupational Therapy)

Assesses patients physical and mental rehabilitation needs and plans programmes to help them.

Career Interests: S I R
Leaving Certificate plus relevant paramedical qualifications.

Administers first-aid treatment and life-support care to sick or injured persons in pre-hospital settings.

Career Interests: S E A

Acts as a social worker for both inmates and people recently released from prison.

Career Interests: S R I
Degree in Prosthetics / Orthotics required. Available in Strathclyde and Salford Universities.

Designs, attaches, and provides maintenance for artificial limbs, including robotic implants.

Career Interests: S I A

Helps people to restore and maintain mental health and may also have an educative role in the prevention of psychiatric illness.

Career Interests: I C S
Level 9 Award in related subject area

Studies the way people think and act and uses their understanding to help people with difficulties to change their lives for the better.

Career Interests: S I C
Most psychotherapists have a degree in Psychology. or are qualified in related areas such as social

Trained to relate to and treat people who are distressed and works to alleviate personal suffering and encourage change.

Career Interests: S I 

Social Care workers help and support people who, perhaps because of their age, a physical or mental health problem or a severe learning difficulty, cannot cope with day-to-day tasks on their own.

Career Interests: S I A
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

Helps and advises people who have social problems resulting from illness or disability.

Career Interests: I C S

Studies human society and social behavior by examining the groups and social institutions that people form, as well as various social, religious, political, and business organisations.

Career Interests: S C A

Special needs assistants help children with a wide range of learning, physical or behavioural difficulties.

Career Interests: S L I
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

Treats and works with people who have speech impediments or language learning difficulties.

Career Interests: I S R
Level 8 Honours Degree in Sports science or Psychology

Applies psychological knowledge in sport settings to help athletes, coaches or sports teams reach higher levels of performance.

Career Interests: E R S
Level 6 Cert or greater

Promote access to sport and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. Often organise projects, classes, programmes, coaching, club development and training for those who want to participate.

Career Interests: S A C
Level 5 or 6 Award in related subject

Teaches pupils in public or private schools at the elementary level basic academic, social, and other formative skills.

Career Interests: S C 
Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree

Prepares lessons and teaches young children in the first years of school from approximately age 5 to age 12.

Career Interests: S I R

Vision Rehabilitation Therapists offer training to people with vision impairments to assist them develop the skills required to move around independently and safely.

Career Interests: S A E
No formal education requirements. but Third Level education an advantage.

Encourages the personal and social development of young people through their voluntary participation.