Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Keith Lynch from Defence Forces to give some advice for people considering this job:

Keith Lynch

Private (Line)

Defence Forces

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Keith Lynch
Only enter the Defence Forces if you are willing to commit to it 100% as it is a long tough road which can be extremely rewarding if you fully engage it. Like everything in this life, you get out what you put in.

The Social person's interests focus on some aspect of those people in their environment. In all cases the social person enjoys the personal contact of other people in preference to the impersonal dealings with things, data and ideas found in other groups.

Many will seek out positions where there is direct contact with the public in some advisory role, whether a receptionist or a counsellor. Social people are motivated by an interest in different types of people, and like diversity in their work environments. Many are drawn towards careers in the caring professions and social welfare area, whilst others prefer teaching and other 'informing' roles.
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Plunket College of Further Education located in Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9, was established in 1967. For over 50 years, Plunket College of Further Education has provided the highest quality education and service to the people of Whitehall, Dublin City, Dublin County and surrounding counties. The college has developed a spirit that is centred on respect for each individual. The college provides an atmosphere which is encouraging and supportive to assist students in achieving their goals.

The college welcomes students of all ages, abilities and nationalities and guarantees to provide each and every student with a learning environment which is both innovative and supportive.

Currently the college offers a comprehensive range of courses including

  • Post Leaving Certificate
  • Pre Apprenticeship
  • Pre University
  • Accredited courses funded by Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) and Back to Education Initiative (BTEI).
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Repeat Leaving Certificate
  • Part Time Adult Education
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Why us?

Currently the college offers a comprehensive range of courses including

  • Post Leaving Certificate
  • Pre Apprenticeship
  • Pre University
  • Accredited courses funded by Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) and Back to Education Initiative (BTEI).

The college is developing and enhancing full time further education course provision with a number of new courses developed to meet the current and future labour market needs. 

The college offers mainstream Leaving Certificate. Students continue to enrol for the 2 year senior cycle leaving certificate. The college also welcomes students who have been out of the education system for a period of time to the leaving certificate provision. The college provides a supportive learning environment to mature learners returning to complete their leaving certificate.   The college provides a repeat leaving certificate course where students consistently improve grades from previous a leaving certificate sitting. There are a wide range of subjects to choose from.  Student supports & Guidance service is available to all students . Highest Points increase for Repeat Leaving Certificate was in excess of 200 points.  Highest Points Achieved in 2017 was 589.

The college offers and is expanding part time flexible courses through Back to Education Jobs Initiative (BTEI) which enables adults and young people over the age of 16 to return to learning in a positive and supportive environment. The college has a long established history of providing courses in conjunction with St Michael’s house and will continue to develop and design courses to meet the education needs of learners at levels 2-4 on the qualifications framework. The college is also committed to the provision of adult education through an extensive night school programme. The provision at night time includes Leaving Certificate, Further Education courses, Pre University courses and hobby type courses.

The college offers a range of courses to meet the education and training needs of unemployed people. The Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) scheme provides participants with opportunities to improve their general level of education, gain certification, develop their skills and prepare for employment, self-employment and further education and training.

The College welcomes applications from international students subject to students satisfying all the requirements of the immigration authorities and are deemed eligible by the Department of Education and Skills to participate in our courses.

International students attending programmes in the college contribute greatly to the life of the college in terms of richness and diversity.

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