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About Us

Marino Institute of Education (MIE) is an associated college of Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin (TCD).

MIE is a teaching, learning and research community committed to promoting inclusion and excellence in education. We have a long and proud involvement with education, specifically initial teacher education (ITE), dating back over 100 years.

Our association with Trinity began in 1976, when the first intake of lay students registered for the Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) course. In July 2011, this relationship was further strengthened with the formalisation of an agreement which places MIE under the joint trusteeship of the Congregation of Christian Brothers European Province and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.

In the last decade, the academic mission and scope of MIE’s activity has been re-envisioned to encompass a deeper understanding of education in and beyond the classroom, to incorporate the continuum of teacher education and the education of specialist education practitioners at early years, primary and further education levels. This is allied with a commitment to education studies encompassing non-traditional education settings and the wider education environment in a pluralist context.

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Why us?

Whether you’re studying for a B.Ed. or a B.Sc., with our variety of Undergraduate and Postgraduate education courses you’ll be able to make the most of our innovative teaching and learning environments, gaining skills for a successful life and career. 


Besides the obvious reasons - top-notch faculty, talented students, stunning campus - the greatest advantage of choosing Marino Institute of Education is the promise that here, you’ll receive the support to fulfil your potential. MIE is a teaching, learning and research community committed to promoting inclusion and excellence in education. The dignity and potential of each person are central to our life, work and service. 

Our reputation is just one reason why MIE is the best place for you to study. We offer you far more than just a qualification. Many of MIE’s academic programmes are validated, quality assured and accredited by Trinity College Dublin. 

The new degree, the Baitsiléir san Oideachas Trí Mheán na Gaeilge-Bunmhúinteoireacht (the Bachelor in Education through the Medium of Irish, Primary Teaching) CM003/CM004 will begin in Marino Institute of Education in September, 2019. This degree will particularly suit students who wish to teach through the medium of Irish in Gaeltacht schools or in All-Irish schools.

This is the first time in the history of the state, that an undergraduate Primary Teaching degree is available completely through the medium of Irish.

One of the MIE's distinguishing features and characteristics is that communication through the Irish language is encouraged and welcomed in all areas of college life, including administration, teaching and learning and social activities. 

We believe in delivering a holistic environment complemented with the most modern facilities to truly deliver an exceptional all-round third-level educational experience for our students. Promoting inclusion and excellence in education, MIE offers limitless opportunities for students, strong academic support, and diverse extracurricular activities.


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