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New Programme in Exercise, Wellbeing & Sports with Holistic studies

Posted on December 3, 2018

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This unique course is a response to the Wellness revolution that has captured the sport and leisure world. The health & fitness industry is constantly developing and changing with mind/body forms of training and meditation centred ideologies becoming increasingly popular. This course is suitable for those with a keen interest in sports and holistic therapies and aims to provide successful graduates with the skills and competencies to work in the area of health and wellbeing.  Learners will gain a solid foundation in the concepts of Exercise& Fitness, Nutrition, Anatomy& Physiology & Kinesiology while also leading to more specialised internationally recognised qualifications in the areas of:

  • Holistic/Sports Massage (ITEC)
  • Diet & Nutrition (ITEC)
  • Strand A: Yoga Teaching: Fitness yoga fusion.
  • Strand B: Pilates & Corrective Exercise (ITEC) (Depending on demand)

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