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ITT Dublin gets professional accreditation of DNA and Forensic Analysis Degrees

Posted on February 24, 2017

The Department of Science has recently been successful in obtaining professional accreditation of the BSc Hons in DNA and Forensic Analysis degree programme from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (CSFS). 

The CSFS is the professional body for forensic practitioners and this stamp of approval from the Forensic Science Society means that employers know that graduates come from a programme of study that provides sufficient skills and knowledge to

  • Interpret, evaluate and present evidence
  • Conduct lab analysis using methods routinely used in forensic science
  • Perform techniques involved in crime scene investigations

Backgound Information and Justification for Applying for Professional Accreditation

The BSc/BSc Hons DNA and Forensic Analysis degree programmes have been running in the Department of Science for a number of years now, and the graduates have been well received in many science based roles in forensics, industry and research to date both at home and abroad.

Many students and past graduates have asked if the degree is accredited professionally or can be accredited with the professional body for Forensic Science, i.e. The Forensic Science Society in the UK, since there is not one here in the Republic of Ireland.

We work very closely with Forensic Science Ireland and the Garda Technical Bureau particularly in later years of the programmes, and indeed this year 25% of final year projects involved personnel from these divisions in areas of relevance currently to crime scene investigations and forensic analysis.

In addition, staff from the Phoenix Park are also involved in specialist classes and demos particularly in the final year. So, in order to promote the graduates of this programme for work in future forensic roles both at home and abroad, then it was important that the Department sought and obtained this professional accreditation.

The formal application process began in June 2015 and documentation on the programme was submitted to the Society in November 2015. The CSFS conducted a comprehensive review of our programmes which culminated in a panel visit in December 2015. The outcome of this visit was very positive and we obtained professional accreditation then in January 2016.

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