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Mature Entry Medical Student Experience at RCSI

Posted on February 24, 2017

Airline Captain and Pilot Instructor Ruth Little took an interesting change in her career path when she decided to return to education as a mature student to study Medicine. 

As a mature medical student, I feel that the decision to return to full time education requires serious consideration and planning, particularly with respect to the financial and personal consequences. The desire to study medicine may well be emotional, but the decision to follow through with it has to be based on logic and hard findings.

My background was as an Airline Captain and Pilot Instructor/ examiner. I was thus conditioned towards assessing a situation, completing a risk analysis and making a decision based on facts and focused outcomes.

When I chose to apply to the Royal College Of Surgeons in Ireland, I was very clear in my mind about not only what I wanted, but also why I wanted it. With my defined criteria in focus, I researched many medical schools, but RCSI was the first and only Medical School that I applied for.

My reasons were part emotional but mostly logical. I had several friends who studied at RCSI, therefore I was very familiar with its high standards, infrastructure and worldwide reputation.

The fact that RCSI is exclusively healthcare orientated means that it uniquely combines the core elements of the multidisciplinary team, which are Medicine, Surgery, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Nursing. This is highly relevant within a modern healthcare setting.

RCSI’s attitude to mature and graduate students is extremely positive and pragmatic. This, in my opinion is unique. I have always felt that I was treated as an individual with skills, knowledge and potential. I felt that I was objectively assessed based on my potential to instantiate the college mission statement, which is “Developing healthcare leaders who make a difference worldwide”.

During the application process, I received clear, unambiguous information with respect to the college entry requirements. I also appreciated the candid explanation with respect to the medical school workload and the facility to communicate with current RCSI medical students. This allowed me to gain invaluable first hand information about life as a mature medical student.

In summary, I feel that the RCSI looks at the individual holistically. This concept is reflected throughout their medical training, as we are trained to look at the patient holistically in terms of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and follow up.

Ruth Little - Mature Entry Pathway Medical Student

More information on Mature Entry to Medicine at RCSI can be found here.

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