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Speakeasy at Crumlin College of Further Education

Posted on March 12, 2019

On Thursday, March 7th 2019, Crumlin College was a hive of activity as students from our Tourism, Marketing and Sports departments joined forces to put on an event extraordinaire. The college was the place to be for would-be molls, gangsters and smugglers.  Cards, "cocktails",fedoras and feathers were the order of the day.  In other words, there was a speakeasy in Crumlin College!  If you were one of fortune's favourites, you knew the password and were let in.  

It was very glamorous, as students and teachers alike got into the spirit of Prohibition, 1930 Chicago-style. "Guests" included flappers, wise-guys and card dealers, and even the cops made a surprise appearance, attempting to take down some booze-running criminals.  There was plenty of music, food and dancing; guests could even use props to dress up and get their photographs taken.   

A special thanks to our wonderful students and their teachers for putting on a first class event. If you would like to study Event Production and put on an event similar to this, we’re now accepting applications on to all courses.

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