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Not surprisingly, some aspect of the natural sciences will run through the Naturalist's interests - from ecological awareness to nutrition and health. People with an interest in horticulture, land usage and farming (including fish) are Naturalists.

Some Naturalists focus on animals rather than plants, and may enjoy working with, training, caring for, or simply herding them. Other Naturalists will prefer working with the end result of nature's produce - the food produced from plants and animals. Naturalists like solving problems with solutions that show some sensitivity to the environmental impact of what they do. They like to see practical results and prefer action to talking and discussing.

Athlone Institute of Technology - AIT
Athlone Institute of Technology - AIT
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The “App Gap” in which enterprises can’t meet the internal demand for writing mobile apps is getting even worse, in large part because of the rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT). Recent research gives evidence that enterprise needs for IoT drives demand for mobile app developers. Ireland is not immune to the shortage in mobile app developers. Irelands National Skills Bulletin 2017 identified mobile app development as a key areas in which there was a skills deficit.

“Shortages of the following skills have been identified for software developers: mobile (iOS/Android), database (with Oracle/SQL), web, cloud; with skills in Java” - Department of Education and Skills


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College Link > AL803 - Software Design with Mobile Apps and Connected Devices

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5M0529 Software Development

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The Student - Career Interests

This course is typically suited for people with the following Career Interests. If these interests do not describe you, this course may prepare you for work you may not find satisfying.


The Investigative person will usually find a particular area of science to be of interest. They are inclined toward intellectual and analytical activities and enjoy observation and theory. They may prefer thought to action, and enjoy the challenge of solving problems with sophiscticated technology. These types prefer mentally stimulating environments and often pay close attention to developments in their chosen field.

Career Progression

The European Commission estimates that Europe could face an 800,000 person ICT skills shortage by 2020. The shortage of talent in ICT is a global problem. This is due to unprecedented growth and innovation in the sector. The greatest need within ICT in Ireland is for professionals with experience as: software engineers and programmers, with programming ability in Java, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, .Net, SQL, Perl, Ruby, and Python.


In the last year alone, demand for IT skills grew by 15% and there simply isn’t a sufficient pool of indigenous talent to meet this demand. This skills shortage has become increasingly acute as more and more tech companies expand their operations in Ireland. According to the European Commission there are currently over 4,500 difficult to fill vacancies in the sector, with a particular demand for software developers and programmers, mobile technology application programmers, IT project managers with technical backgrounds.


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