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Administrative people are interested in work that offers security and a sense of being part of a larger process. They may be at their most productive under supervisors who give clear guidelines and while performing routine tasks in a methodical and reliable way.

They tend to enjoy clerical and most forms of office work, where they perform essential administrative duties. They often form the backbone of large and small organisations alike. They may enjoy being in charge of office filing systems, and using computers and other office equipment to keep things running smoothly. They usually like routine work hours and prefer comfortable indoor workplaces.

About the Irish Tax Institute

About the Irish Tax Institute

Working in tax as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) is like solving a puzzle – scope it, then solve it. But solve it in a way that’s innovative and creative. It’s a puzzle that’s the perfect blend of numbers and strategy. Tax is based on legislation, so coming up with the solution means investigating the rules in legislation and putting together strategic tax advice that makes a real financial impact”.

About the Irish Tax Institute

Located in the heart of Dublin's Silicon Docks, the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is the gold standard in tax and the international mark of excellence in tax advice.  With over 5,000 members in Ireland, along with the Chartered Institute of Taxation UK and The Tax Institute of Australia, we are part of the 30,000-strong international CTA network and a member of the Confédération Fiscale Européenne, (CFE) the European umbrella body for tax professionals.

We offer three tax qualifications - one-year Tax Technician courses, our 10 month Diploma in Tax and our three-part Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA). 

Have you ever considered a career in tax as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)?

A career in tax creates opportunities. The opportunity for challenging and diverse work. The opportunity to see the world. The opportunity to work on the most cutting edge commercial transactions.

Tax is part of the international language of finance, and the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is the international hallmark of excellence in tax.  You could be part of a group of 30,000 CTAs working all over the globe from Ireland, to the UK, USA, Asia to Australia.

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Not just for business graduates

A common misconception is that only business graduates pursue a career in tax. Not so! The great thing about a career in tax is that it is more about the qualities that you bring to the career, rather than your educational background.  Skills such as creative thinking, analytical know-how and commercial awareness are so important. 

In addition to business and law graduates, those with an engineering, science and the humanities background also successfully pursue careers in tax. Go to www.careerintax.ie  and see the variety of roles, sectors and backgrounds that Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) work in or find our Irish Tax Institute Students page on Facebook


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