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Straitéis 20 bliain don Ghaeilge

Straitéis 20 bliain don Ghaeilge

Career opportunities with Gaeilge in Clerical & Administration

The Official Languages Act has resulted in increased demand for secretaries and administrators with Irish as their main language.

As the remit of many of the Irish language-promotion organisations in Ireland is quite broad, they employ people from a wide range of disciplines.

Job opportunities exist for administrators in museums and heritage sites around the country.

What are the main occupations where Irish may be used?

What types of courses might help?

Undergraduate Courses:

To cater for the increased demand for skilled administrators with Irish language skills, Europus ( provide training in office administration and in computer skills. No fees apply.

Where to go for further Information

  • Fiontar at DCU (Fiontar is Irish for venture) is an interdisciplinary school established in 1993 to link the Irish language with contemporary finance, computing and enterprise, through courses taught in Irish.