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Career opportunities with a Foreign Language in Art, Craft & Design


Visual arts & Design

If visual arts and design is your passion, you may end up working in an art studio, multimedia company, film production, desk publishing, photography, animation or interior design.

It would be difficult to work in these areas without needing any exposure to what is going on in the rest of the world. Autumn art fairs in London, Paris and Shanghai are teeming with an international audience with foreign business cards exchanged. Interior design fashion or photography trends don’t obviously just develop in Ireland, but travel around the world constantly shifting. With language skills you can tap into those trends, perhaps be able to get a deeper connection to expertise around the world and learn from foreign colleagues.

Graphic design

Graphic designers should understand their craft from a variety of perspectives, and this includes being able to tap into foreign languages and cultures. If you look at visual images which are trying to communicate a message, you will see how culture and language affect designs. Graphics reflect culture and culture reflects graphic designs. If you don’t understand the cultural identity, will you understand how to convey a message?

Translating a print or design project involves more than just changing the text from English to another language, and this is where professional foreign language graphic designers come in. 

Changing the graphic of an English document in a foreign language requires the graphic designers to be aware of the cultural aspects of the target language. Multilingual graphic design professionals are aware of all the aspects that have to be kept in mind while altering a document.

Organizations who need to use foreign text logo design need to make sure they choose designers who understand how to use special characters and foreign words in images. Designers who know this area can make a logo look really cool. Something simple like a foreign language accent mark can transform a word into an identifiable logo - think Blue Öyster Cult band or Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 


A rural-based craft business seems like an unlikely sector to need foreign languages. But as craft products are especially attractive to tourists, the potential benefit of language skills becomes evident. Crafts people need a diverse set of skills, including marketing and sales skills which go naturally with foreign languages when the target audience is made at least partly of international tourists. How do you advertise your products, would you like to offer workshops for groups, or can you attract visiting families with children. Use languages to advertise, have working knowledge of languages to be able to attract people to take part in your workshops and connect with the younger tourists who speak no English by having language skills.