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Not surprisingly, some aspect of the natural sciences will run through the Naturalist's interests - from ecological awareness to nutrition and health. People with an interest in horticulture, land usage and farming (including fish) are Naturalists.

Some Naturalists focus on animals rather than plants, and may enjoy working with, training, caring for, or simply herding them. Other Naturalists will prefer working with the end result of nature's produce - the food produced from plants and animals. Naturalists like solving problems with solutions that show some sensitivity to the environmental impact of what they do. They like to see practical results and prefer action to talking and discussing.

Career Opportunities with Languages

Career Opportunities with Languages

What are the main occupations in this sector?

Typical occupations where languages skills are a requirement include: languages teacher, 3rd level academic, translator (e.g. IT sector localisation, films, data, gaming), interpreter, EU official, foreign affairs positions, export business.

Languages are also an asset in all other occupations. Explore 'Career Opportunites with a Foreign Language' in each sector here for more information. 


What types of employment contracts are there?

You can access permanent public sector jobs such as teaching, foreign affairs and other public positions where languages are a requirement.              

Part-time positions, casual and remote working are all possible.

What are the typical earnings of these occupations?

Language specialists can earn teaching salaries of €32,000-€59,000, 3rd level salaries of €35,000-€83,000, educational expert jobs in around €60,000 or EU translating salaries of up to €80,000+ per annum. A career in the civil service follows the grading system. The possibility of a permanent pensionable job is an advantage in public jobs.

Localisation positions are advertised in around €30,000+ but vary. International business positions vary, but with experience salaries increase to senior level salaries.

Precarious, non-permanent or freelance work typically will be lower. It pays to be fully qualified.

How do you get a job in this sector?

You can sign up with Public Jobs or general recruitment sites. You can apply especially for graduate programmes which involve placements abroad, and indeed in any graduate programmes a language skill will be useful. You can apply for EU and overseas jobs and internships.