Careers rarely develop the way we plan them. Our career path often takes many twists and turns, with particular events, choices and people influencing our direction.

We asked Mark Spain from An Garda Sí­ochána to give some advice for people considering this job:

Mark Spain

Garda Trainee

An Garda Sí­ochána

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Mark Spain
If you are unsure I would recommend coming to an open day in the college and if possible also doing the Garda Reserve. It gives the best insight imaginable into the work of Gardaí.

Enterprising people like situations that involve using resources for personal or corporate economic gain. Such people may have an opportunistic frame of mind, and like commerce, trade and making deals. Some are drawn to sales and marketing occupations. Many will eventually end up owning their own business, or managing a section in larger organisations. They tend to be very goal-oriented, and work best when focused on a target. Some have an entrepreneurial inclination.
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The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP 

The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP 

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How We Recruit...
What are the main entry requirements and recruitment procedures?.

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SAP also offer numerous avenues to full employment through University linked internships that allow participants the opportunity to work on real life projects. You’ll earn an income, so you can finance your education and get a head start on your career.

At SAP you’ll develop business skills, learn about hot technology topics, network with the pros, and more.

The area’s in which SAP offer internships are the following:

  • Sales Marketing & Communications
  • Consulting Services & Customer Support
  • Development & Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal IT

There are 3 different avenues in which to attain an internship.

  1. Co-operative learning internship (Ireland & Germany)
  2. University linked (Global)
  3. FIT internship

The company also offer Graduate roles and Full time positions.

Co-operative Learning Internship (IRELAND)

Co-operative learning internships give current third level students a chance to gain valuable industry experience with the leading business software company SAP.

This dual study program allows the students to put their academic knowledge into practice in industry.

The co-operative learning internship offers a number of benefits:

  • 23 months SAP “Co-operative Learning Intern” Contract (Dublin Based).
  • 2 Paid Internship phases @ 1500/ month (3& 6-8 Months)
  • 14 months of study stipend @500/ month
  • Recognised certification of SAP technologies
  • Access to quality SAP laptop & Services for 2 years
  • Additional 1:1 mentoring/ management
  • SAP Student Ambassador
  • Fast-Tracking for SAP Global hiring at Graduation.
  • Opportunity for intern placement abroad.

Who Should Apply?

Candidates who have ...

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelors program at DCU, NUIG OR DIT. 
  • Have 4 semesters of a B.Sc. in computer science or Business information System/Enterprise computing completed by June each year.
  • Be on track to obtain a minimum 2:1 Honours Degree.
  • Have experience in one or more object oriented programming language (E.g. ABAP, JAVA, and C++).
  • Attained 400+ points in the Leaving certificate.
  • Have excellent English communication skills; additional language skills a plus.
Click image for full details of the SAP Co-Operative learning Internship programme in Ireland.


Where to go for current vacancies?

Apply now for current vacancies: 

There are over 80+ positions available in the 3 roles outlined below and another 70+ positions in various teams.

Explore Job opportunities on ...

What type of people are SAP looking to hire? ...

  • Team players
  • Motivators
  • Hard workers
  • Flexible to change
  • Friendly and punctual

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Working With Us...
What are the main occupation types employed?

At SAP, we’re always looking for fresh talent to cultivate. We hire emlpoyees in the areas of:

  • Sales
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Consulting Services & Customer Support
  • Development & Technology
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Internal IT


Some more information on what the teams at SAP do ...

Operations Team
The Operations team in the Centre of Expertise in SAP Ireland is managed by Paul Cunningham VP. It is comprised of Team Managers who are responsible for managing the different teams across the CoE and also working with customers. Technical Team Leads who support their teams from a technical perspective and also other operations team members who are involved in the day to day running of this very large department.

The team has two main areas:

  • daily operations 
  • delivery operations

The daily operations team ensures efficiencies across many areas including; reporting, managing costs, communications, compliance, travel, recruitment, training, on boarding of new hires, measuring employee engagement and organising events, supporting the management team with all administration activities and all other processes that are required to keep the organisation running at optimum levels.

From a customer delivery operations team perspective the team are responsible for safeguarding all service and support deliveries on an ongoing basis to our SAP customer base. This includes staffing our department team member’s onsite with customers or remote from the Dublin office. The delivery operations team in Ireland support delivery in all 5 major regions of the world. Our priority is with our North and Latin and America customer base.

Insurance & Integration Team

This department is part of the new service model of SAP and is part of SAP’s Development Factory. We deliver solutions in the area of S4/HANA, SLO and Financial Services.Languages such as ABAP, SQL and JavaScript are used to develop technologies for our customers.

This department provides support for max attention and critical customers who have just implemented a new SAP system. We create PFG’s and WRICEFs for customers in order to fix their systems.Insurance and Integration aims to create workable design solutions for customers that need the support as quickly as possible.

Customer Interaction Centre CIC

CIC is located in 5 different countries globally: China, India, Russia, Brazil and Ireland. Together we cover the SAP customer support. CIC is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Across all locations we have colleagues from 21 nationalities who try to support customers in their native language if possible.

CIC handles the non-technical support for the customer issues. Every customer issue is individual which is why CIC is the first personal contact of SAP’s customers. The main tasks of CIC is to understand on premise customer issues, provide proactive services and share knowledge with customers to deliver first-class support for the complete SAP portfolio. To reach the fastest solution for the customer’s issue, CIC communicates with many different internal departments.

Our main focus is on:

Incident Management Our main task is the handling of the Incident Management. No matter if the customer requires an Update, a raise in priority or a call back for this incident, CIC is here to assist with those issues.

Sap Support Portal / SAP One Support Launchpad CIC also assist with the online Support Portals. Often customers have problems with their login or don’t know how to find certain information. CIC supports those customers by simulating and guiding them through the portals.

Licence Key Issues CIC assists customers through the licence key request process. Downloading issues CIC supports customers how to use the Software Download Center and how to find the correct download.

Even if CIC gets an issue which is out of their scope, we try to support as best as we can. This could be finding the right department for this issue and giving out the contact details or advising the customer how to get support in a different way.


What types of work contract are offered?
  • Permanent full time contract
  • Full time fixed term contract
  • Contractor contract 
  • Intern fixed term contract
  • Work experience


What are the key attractions?

SAP offers some of the best employee benefits in the industry, from performance-based rewards to comprehensive packages. The particular benefits package will depend on the position, location, and years with the company – but all of them come with plenty of flexibility for you. You’ll love the amount you see on your pay check every week – not to mention potential bonuses, share matching plans, and perks galore. Some of SAP’s main benefits include:

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Travel Insurance
  • Stock Purchasing Plan
  • Employee Discount
  • Free Lunch

Explore more information here

SAP on Glassdoor

You can find some excellent reviews about SAP through Glassdoor.
Some facts:

  • 84% of people recommend to a friend.
  • 94% of people approve of CEO Bill McDermott
  • 3,429 Employee Reviews on Glassdoor

More information here

Another key attrraction is the variety of opportunities we offer for students to develop their career with us. Our range of programmes offer an environment that fosters learning and individual growth to help you reach your full potential.

    • University internships
    • FIT program
    • Co-Op learning
    • Gap year internship

The SAP Co-Operative Learning programmes in Ireland help students accelerate their career at SAP through training in SAP’s cutting edge technologies, combined with personal and professional development and coaching.

SAP Ireland offers paid on-the-job experience through internships in our various lines of business while students are still at college and financial support through stipends when students are back at college.

SAP Ireland has partnered with Dublin City University (DCU) and National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) to help top-level business and software talents develop their professional and technical skills.

As part of the 2 year programme, students will work with SAP teams in our offices in Dublin and Galway and may even get a chance to intern at various SAP locations around the world, including our headquarters near Heidelberg, Germany.

Working for SAP


Working for SAP provides plenty of opportunities to volunteer for SAP and for other organisations. Every year SAP Employees vote for a charity organisation for the year, such as Ablata School, Galway Autism Partnership, Cancer Care West, GSPCA and Saving Grace, employees are given opportunities to volunteer for these organisations.

There are many other ways you can volunteer through SAP, for example Junior Achievement, a programme designed to give school students an appreciation of the value of work and enterprise. Employees get a chance to volunteer to teach programmes in local primary and secondary schools. SAP also host charity events, such as charity runs and cake sales.

All providing more opportunities for employees to volunteer within the work place. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to bond with your team, support your community, use your skills and support an SAP Signature Initiative.


SAP is the Number One Company for sustainability. Our Building in Galway is 100% self-sufficient, using solar power for electricity and heating. SAP have a huge focus on our responsibility to our environment, each year have sustainable development goals. Our Green Team organise an event each year, this year a clean beach in Galway and Dublin was chosen as the project. We also had Nissan in our Office in Galway showcasing their electric cars. SAP and our partners are always working on goals to achieve a sustainable future, such as affordable and clean energy, clean water and sanitation, industry, innovation and infrastructure.


What locations do you operate from?

SAP have bases in both Dublin and Galway.

Our Dublin office is made up of close to 1,200 employees spanning from 38 nationalities and spread out amongst 41 lines of business. Our teams are responsible for service and support for out large customer base, sales and financial services, IT support and customer development.

Our newly established AppHaus is a Research and Development centre which develops software solutions and analysis tools. Our Centre of Expertise is the central collaboration hub for SAP business and IT departments to work with you on all aspects of your SAP Solution.

Dublin: SAP's AppHaus

SAP’s operation in Galway is a Service and Support Centre, with teams involved in Cloud Computing, Multilingual Support, Technical Writing, Media Development, Translation, License Auditing, and Partner Services. It covers 29 languages and has colleagues from 38 nationalities. We assist our customers in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Porteugese, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Sweedish, Norwegian and Greek.

Galway: SAP’s Customer Interaction Centre




What are the current employment trends?

There continues to be a skills shortage in the ICT sector at both graduate and experienced levels. People with strong technical qualifications/experience are currently in demand and this trend is set to continue. SAP are always looking for people with a second language.


Describe any particular characteristics of your workforce?

At SAP we pride ourselves on being: 


Having the motivation to do work is highly valued within SAP. While some tasks can be challenging, we try to motivate our employees by creating a happy and open workplace and also through our sports and social club which allows employees to meet up, socialise and have fun outside of work.

Team focused

SAP strives to involve teamwork in all aspects of work life. Working in teams means sharing tasks, making friends and sharing each other’s knowledge in order to meet deadlines and create a great product and ultimately build our brand within the technology marketplace.


The technology industry is a very competitive and ever changing environment. We see a large shift towards a customer focus within the industry and try to involve them in every aspect of our doings. Being flexible allows you to adapt to changing project requirements without reducing the overall productivity of you and your team.

Open minded

The ability to consider new ideas and opinions is very important, specifically within team work. Being open minded frees your mind from limited thoughts and will make it easier to find solutions to problems as well as meet deadlines


We encourage innovation and flourish new ideas and ways of thinking. Being creative is just as important as being logical. Each and every employee in SAP is highly valued for their ability to see things differently. We have launched a start-up programme for small software firms looking to make it big within the software industry and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed. Innovation is what separates companies from each other, which is why we see it as an extremely important trait.

Problem Solvers

We love problem solvers and their ability to solve a problem no matter how big or small it is. Problems will arise when working in a business and we love quick thinkers and decision makers that can solve these problems as soon as possible.

SAP & Corporate Social Responsibilities

SAP approaches corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategically – in order to ensure a sustainable future for society, our customers, and our company. By focusing our talent, technology, and capital on education and entrepreneurship, we strive to enact positive social change through economic growth, job creation, innovation, and community.

SAP as created several programs related to CSR such as

Scaling social enterprises
, SAP offers pro bono volunteering programs, enterprise technology solutions, and financial support for social enterprises and local entrepreneurial ecosystems in mature and emerging markets. The volunteering Project, entitled every SAP employees to 8 hours for voluntary work for an association of their choice. More information: “SAP Employees Break Volunteering Record

Africa Code Week, is an SAP initiative to teach Africans youth to either write their first lines of code or simply touch a computer for the first time. This program was created in 2015, in order to put millions of young Africans on the path to successful careers and empower them to build sustainable growth, companies in Africa are currently struggling to hire enough qualified IT talent.

Refugee Code Week, following the success of Africa Code Week, the programs was extend to reach refugee camps in Middle East. The Refugee Code Week program will run from October 15 to 23, and will include hundreds of free coding workshops and online training for refugees between the ages of 8 and 24.


Who We Recruit...
Career opportunities for school leavers.


This is a fantastic opportunity for qualified Leaving Certificate Students (expected min. 400 points) to simultaneously combine academic studies and industry experience with the leading business software company SAP, in Germany. 

This dual-study program will kick-start students‘ careers with the opportunity to study an accredited Degree Program in Germany with Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) while also gaining valuable work experience with SAP at our headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

With 34,000 enrolled students, DHBW is the largest higher education institution in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, and one of the largest in Germany. The academy, in the vibrant student city of Mannheim, is the second largest of the nine DHBW campuses. 

The dual study concept means that students regularly switch from their academic studies at the University to practical training at SAP. 

At SAP, mentors will help you grow both professionally and personally and can provide guidance concerning your career choices. You will benefit from innovative on-the-job-learning to shape the career you want. You will be exposed to a highly stimulating, international environment, where employees acquire knowledge and skills through instructor-led classes, e-learning courses, online books, virtual classrooms and online videos.

Training addresses soft skills, such as giving professional presentations and self-promotion techniques, as well as specialised topics that help students build functional and business expertise.

“A Co-operative Learning Internship programme at SAP offers a range of possibilities that allows you to continuously broaden your knowledge and pave the way for a successful career”. 

Click image to find out more about the SAP Coperative learning Internship @ SAP Ireland. 

Please note: SAP will not be recruiting for this programme in 2018. 


Career opportunities for college graduates.

Are you a recent 3rd Level graduate? Do you want to join a truly global workplace?

You’ll make great money working on exciting projects with creative people – AND help change the world. You in? ...

SAP offers opportunities for 3rd level students through different programmes:

  • University internships
  • FIT program
  • Co-Op learning
  • Gap year internships


Career opportunities for experienced talent.

At SAP we are always interested in hearing from professionals in the industry who would like to join our team. Our full-time job opportunties can be explored here.  


Career opportunities for adults wishing to return to work.

FIT programme

SAP now support the FIT programme’s industry led board initiative that has introduced an ICT Associate professional programme. This initiative is a 2 year dual education route to the ICT industry. This programme gives candidates the opportunity to acquire academic knowledge as well as gaining critical workplace learning.

The academic achievement at the end of the ICT associate program will be aligned to a level 6 qualification, but also enables the candidate to have 2 years’ experience of working within a Multi-national company and gaining advantageous career opportunities.

"SAP is delighted to be a ‘champion’ – and an inaugural sponsor of candidates on this ground-breaking initiative.” Liam Ryan, Managing Director – SAP SSC (Ireland) Ltd & FIT Board Member. More details here.


Opportunities for those wishing to gain work experience.

We appreciate the future generation and what they have to offer us which is why we offer Transition year students the opportunity to undertake work experience at SAP. We believe it is important to help students further their understanding of their future career prospects. 

If you are interested in participating in our work experience programme email


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"Create in ways you never thought possible" ...

SAP was founded in 1972 by five engineers who had a vision to help businesses run better, faster and more efficiently with software solutions. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP has experienced a rich history of innovation and growth ever since.

At SAP you will get the opportunity to collaborate with creative thinkers who share your intelligence across the globe, and see your career grow with help from our best-in-class network and exceptional resources.

With flexibility, a career path built around your interests, and a chance to work on stuff that doesn't always feel like - well, work - SAP empowers you to run like never before.  Are you ready to run?

Why Work at SAP? 

We are a Globally recognised ‘Employer of Choice’

Work isn’t simply about earning a paycheck. It’s the way you pursue interesting professional challenges, seek new rewards, and help change the world. If you want to work for a company that offers job mobility, a strong growth outlook, and opportunities to make a difference in the world, join us at SAP. Learn more here

 You can find some excellent reviews about SAP through Glassdoor.

  • 84% of people recommend to a friend
  • 94% of people approve of CEO Bill McDermott
  • 3,429 Employee Reviews on Glassdoor.