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Realists are usually interested in 'things' - such as buildings, mechanics, equipment, tools, electronics etc. Their primary focus is dealing with these - as in building, fixing, operating or designing them. Involvement in these areas leads to high manual skills, or a fine aptitude for practical design - as found in the various forms of engineering.

Realists like to find practical solutions to problems using tools, technology and skilled work. Realists usually prefer to be active in their work environment, often do most of their work alone, and enjoy taking decisive action with a minimum amount of discussion and paperwork.

Sector Categories - Agriculture, Animals & Food

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Agriculture, Animals & Food
Sector Experts

Animals & Veterinary Science 

   Looking after the health and welfare of animals.

Farming, Horticulture & Forestry 

   Working with the land, managing livestock, crops, forests or the environment.

Food & Beverages 

   Working with the production, distribution, preparation and serving of food and drinks.

Maritime, Fishing & Aquaculture 

   Fishing in the open seas or farming them in fish farms. Looking after the sale and promotion of all seafood.

Featured Interview

Caroline Cusack
Biological Oceanographer

Caroline Cusack is a Biological Oceanographer. She works on ocean observation projects at the Marine Institute which monitor the health of our oceans. Caroline can spend between one and six weeks at sea collecting data on ocean physics, chemistry and biology.
Caroline Cusack, Biological Oceanographer


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